Keela: Enjoy the Game

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Enjoy the Game

K: Greetings to my beloved Guides from Hawaii/Lemuria.

‘Greetings to you back from the bottom of our hearts. On behalf of the Council of the Elders be greeted by me. This is Keela here, priestess of the Crystal Temple above Hawaii.

We are here to greet you, and show you all the wonders what you are ready for. And help you to be ready for more.

This is indeed a historical moment in endless time, A seemingly 3D being like you is here to be consciously greeted by us. You came from far to accomplish this. You are here to remember. You will show the way for many. But first you need all the personal experiences of this remembering process.

Why is it important to remember one can ask. You are all at the gate of the 5th dimension. All what you have achieved during all your different lifetimes show only one direction. To go further, follow your personal path toward ascension. I hope you have the ‘gut’ feeling how close you actually are.

You are at the gate, at the Rainbow gate which can connect you to your Higher Self and beyond. There are many methods to walk through this special gate. Let me teach you the Lemurian way of it.

My beloved seekers of the Divine. In order to get further on your seemingly unique path of ascension, go back in time with a special meditation. Go back our beloved time of Lemuria. Feel the air, see the magnificence of it. Sounds, colors, smells, enjoy its profound beauty. Sense your being in all these, see yourself there. I promise you if you are there fully, the gate of memories will be open. Step by step a LOT from your divine ancient can appear in your heart operated mind field. Like a huge multidimensional screening room. You can see your divine essence in your ancient past.

Why is that important? To get to know your Higher Self better. It can give you a different view of your multidimensional continuous existence. Remember back is the most effective way to activate those layers in your inter-dimensional DNA which can be at service -if activated-, all the remaining part of your DNA system.
When you are able to fully activate your 12 strands, you walk through the Rainbow gate – that is how we call the gate of the higher dimensions here- and than you are able to permanently connect your Higher Self, consciously become your higher dimensional divine being.

This method takes time and brings a lot of wonders into your life. That is why we consider this year 2008 in your linear time the year of wonders.

Entering this gate -on the physical means many. After certain adjustments and an active remembering period, when you are ready for further experiences you will realize that the 5D part of your being is right with you with your 3D self, all the time, like a kind of parallel existence. Your conscious being is the one who are able to connect Yourself with longer shorter breaks in linear time.

Enjoy the light, simplicity and FUN of this game.

Why we call it a game? Because you should take it as pure fun. Too dense seriousness can destroy the effect of it.

Read the divine signs which will be tremendous around you(s) now on. And connect your ancient family and self to be able to connect your 5D being in the NOW. We know it will not be easy at the beginning. Ease and Joy my beloved. We will be at your assistance if you wish, any time. It is time to talk to us directly. But if you feel to do so connect our channel, we will be there through her, too.

And one more thing. Sharing is the way to help to understand the method for many.If you feel please get back to others with your experiences. We would be blessed to see the improvements of all what this year will manifest for us in our common goal, the Reuniting of the Civilizations.

Love and all what is beyond words,

Priestess of the Crystal Temple of Hawaii

January 12, 2008, Hawai

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