KyraNamu: The group of ‘HeartBeat-Listeners‘

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Greetings to you all my beloveds,

What a beauty to bring the energy of these days consciously into your focus. All what you are ready to manifest already exists. You open up the curtain of your own story here. Do it with ease and grace, do it with wisdom and light. The Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine is open to help you to learn a new level of experiencing these expressions in the very center of you heart. All that awaits you is bringing you closer to your own Divine Self. One thing is to know and the other is to experience. Ease and grace. When was the last time when you could consciously find these approach in your deeds? When was the last time to realize that every single breath and thought should derive from these sacred source? There is so much to learn for you to be able to step into the reality Adama has talked to you recently. My beloveds, all resides in the heart. I am here to show you a technique to realize this truth in your every day reality.

One method can be to bring closer the realization through your precious meditation times. Another is to keep the newly gained understanding between them alive. Certain breathing techniques can help. A very simple act can do it too. Listen to your heartbeat. Whenever you have a minute just listen to your heartbeat for a second, for a moment just listen to it. Be aware that this special rhythm is the same that your beloved planet has on her own pace. Hear your heartbeat and feel as it is the same in all of you who start to listen to it. There is a group of the ‘HeartBeat-Listeners’ all around the planet. Those are the ones who will feel the need and the love of our planet first. Those are the ones who will keep their consciousness on a certain level and will do everything to maintain and raise this level, those are the ones who will feel that the heartbeat of Gaia is the heartbeat of every single living creature on her surface. Those are the ones who feel with their own heartbeat that it is the HEARTBEAT OF THE UNITY we are all part of. Our heartbeat is the heartbeat of the Universe. Our heartbeat is the same as our ancients’. Through space and time, these heartbeats can connect all your beauty and strength back to Theirs. Their heartbeats with yours form the future are your own timeless Divinity.

These are indeed extraordinary times. Your ever raising consciousness is the most important key for all the upcoming planetary happenings. With your conscious approach anything can bring closer these understandings  to you. You are the creator of your own story. We are the creator of our own common universal story with your newly realized Oneness. Your heartbeat brings the joy and the newly awakened planetary responsibility to you. ‘Take it with Love, live it with Harmony’. Let the heartbeat of your own simple but divine creation teach you the most ancient wisdom ever handed from our dimension to the open hearted ones in yours- you are the creator of your own Destiny. You are the ones who can bring alive the beauty of creation in its milliard form, and you are the caretakers of this from the beginning of time until the end. What is the end? It is simply the stepping into endlessness. There is where you are heading now, the timeless wonder of higher dimensional existence.

My beloveds, I am so honored to be at your side in all these very special happenings. If some of them bring difficulties just eliminate them with your newly gained seeing through ability. Create what you chose to be here for a long time ago . Be your own Master and act accordingly. We will be there to help, we will be there to assist. We are there in your every single heartbeat. Listen to it now.


July, 2009
Mt Shasta

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