Adama: Stay Focused,Planetary shield activation

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Greetings to my dearest Masters,

What a year behind us, and what a year to come. This message is not a summary of the past and the next year, this is rather a reminder that whatever happens in your very personal life, or on the very high planetary level – apart from the fact that these are very much connected – the advise is one and only: STAY FOCUSED. So many is happening as you see day by day. Your very personal life is more complicated than the last few lifetimes together. Everything is in vivid acceleration. Before the final steps. My dearest masters, this is indeed the time of these final steps. You know so well what is the theoretical side and now you are forced to experience it on the very practical level. You should live your days from the first awaken moments until the last ones before dream-time and longer in awakened consciousness.

Stay focused my Beloveds. That is the only tool which will help you in any and all levels. The planetary changes as your changes in the personal level, soon will achieve their highest point before settling down in a very different ascended environment. No matter what is happening just stay focused. Our love and light combined with YOUR own love and light will show the way and the solution in any situation. The frequency what you are able to raise every day and keep it in a certain level is the protecting shield which will lead you through the up-comings. As responsible awakened Wayshowers for many, you are able to create this light shield not only around you and your Beloveds, but around the entire planet. Gaia appreciate and enhance the love and light what every single one of you send her, day by day. How about to consciously make this amount of light double, triple itself. We have the same responsibility not only for our own ascension but to help for our precious planet to ascend. During this last month of this very special year, the year of revealed completion I ask you to help our divine planet to reach her highest divinity. The wonder of this method, that doing it consciously, will bring back your own highest divinity. All is connected on a very sacred way, what your ancestors who not surprisingly were our ancestors, knew so well.

And here is the request from the Lemurian Council, from our Queen RanaMu and from Archangel Michael who also fully involved in this Planetary Light Shield Activation. With the wisdom and light of your heart, place our wonderful planet into a Sacred Light Pyramid. See this Pyramid as part of a Cube, and place this cube light form into a Sphere of Diamond Light, with our beloved planet in the middle in the pyramid, in the cube, in the sphere. This special, sacred geometry involved, light shield will protect our planet and will speed up the ascension process while we are going through the gate of the brightest part of the belt, consisting of divine light particles known by you so well as Photons. The shield what you manifest in this meditation automatically will build the same form around your physical body as-well. The electromagnetic field as around as in, will cause further events and symptoms which can be handled fully with the wisdom and amount of light what you already have, and ready to be manifested in the shield what you are building. Do not let yourself think, feel differently. YOU are ready for this changes, and you are ready to take the planetary responsibility to act accordingly. To maximize the effect of your divine co-creative power, and mix it with all the other wonderful souls’s light, do this Planetary Light Shield Meditation every day at 9PM in this month . As this message goes around the planet, as will the effect of the consciously sent divine light go around, and build and en-power the brightest diamond shield around our beloved planet.

Thank you for your wisdom and light. Thank you for your readiness and devotion..

I am Adama and I am stating this message with Archangel Michael.
Your precious hearts and efforts are the sword to help to navigate through these times our beloved planet and humanity.

God bless you all for what you have done, are doing and will do,


December 20, 2007

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