Kyra NaMu: The Great Diamond Sisterhood has arrived

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New Crystalline Reality

The special healing energy of 21st of March 2008.

And finally the energy has arrived.

The beautiful feminine aspect of the most divine violet flame energy is at the gate of everybody’s hearts.

Greetings to you all, this is KyraNa. I am talking to you from the Violet Flame Temple of Telos. I am not alone here. On this very special occasion I would like to introduce you a long forgotten formation. Here I am with The Great Diamond Sisterhood. This Sisterhood is a very ancient group for those divine entities who have something important to add to all the happenings in this unique period of time called ascension. The most remarkable divine feminine energies are with us and with you today.

What a pleasure to greet you on this day, on this very special  Equinox- Easter- Full moon energy culmination. The Sisterhood greets you dearly and have a gift to you all.  We can bring you any of the sacred flames to help you in your most remarkable preparation process to find your new life in the new energy what signifies the 5th Dimension.

Today is a special day and the energies we are representing right now are in total harmony with the planetary alignments . And these two significant elements from our side need a third one,  you. If you are open to take our precious gift you can make an other huge step toward you Divine self and toward us.

This very special energy  which will be around you from today for exactly 28 days will allow you to manifest significant positive changes in all your bodies, atoms an cells on a quite unique way. Your DNA is ready to be  fully activated after a long period of gradual  activation  (including gaining back your very precious memories from your ancient past) so the system is ready for the final activation steps.The method we are presenting to you is simple and divine. Call upon the sacred violet flame in your life consciously in every awaken moments of your days for 28 days until the next Full Moon, as many times a day as you can. Call the beautiful transmutation, healing, and en-powering aspects of this flame. The seventh flame  will open the gate for all the no more secret higher flames soon.
We as The Great Diamond Sisterhood are sending to you collectively the wonderful energy of this sacred flame. Take it, use it, see it, feel it, live it. Visualize a wonderful violet color shining diamond that we right now place into your hands and hearts. Take this diamond with you, feel it, absorb the unique healing frequency and love quotient what it shines toward you. The positive changes in your life will be enormous.

I know I do not need to introduce to you the wonderful energy of this very sacred flame, the  flame with the huge transformational potential in it among many many other wonderful attributes. However it is time to reveal a new aspect of its divinity.  Our great friends and partners in mission Germain and Master R as well as our beloved High priest here Adama can represent it toward the world on such a exquisite way. This is slightly different now from us, different as far as it is the feminine aspect of this wonder. Why is it important. Because all that is happening with you and with the planet needs this energy the most right now. These are not simple times. We know that. You are in a period to face many challenges in your life. And even if you are a very well advanced soul who really close to ‚step in,‘ need some help. Many unexpected negative happenings,  many sudden obstacles. Here is the help in this wonderful flame. The final period of this very important process is not easy neither on a personal nor on  the planetary level.  We are here to heal, to help.

You are invited to take this gift from us. The Sisterhood is here and will remain with you until we step in our common ascension mission together into higher dimensions successfully.

We are the representatives of the feminine aspect of this wonderful flame and all the others. As I said we are an ancient forum, and I have the honor to greet with me here the other members of this Sisterhood. Just let me tell that all the beautiful Ascended Lady Masters of The Great White Brotherhood are members of The Great Diamond Sisterhood.

And now we leave you with our divine gift . The energy of this day is wonderful, the healing and transforming power of it is just prefect. Take this possibility and get few steps closer to us.

We are here to help.

With all the Love of our Divine Diamond Hearts,

KyraNa, from the Violet Flame Temple, Telos

March 18, 2008

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