Lemurian Letter: How to Became a Conscious ‘Rider’ of the Ascension Wave The Gift of Challenges

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Lemurian Letter: How to Became a Conscious ‘Rider’ of the Ascension Wave The Gift of Challenges

What ever happens in your life, just be grateful for the lessons you can learn from them. Are the lessons too intense and go beyond your limitations? No they are not. Just keep your focus on your heart and whatever happens just greet it with love and gratitude.

It’s so easy to say I know, but this is the only option: we have to get through the challenges and be able to witness the merging of the dimensions on our own playground called ‘life on Earth’. I am truly grateful for all of my own difficulties, because it is so much easier to talk about something when you are actually marching through them. No matter which field of your life presents the most issues; you should, we should, keep our focus on our long deserved Balance. When we have our Balance, and when we can see all the happenings through the ‘mind of our heart and the heart of our mind’, then every happening transforms into something magical right in front of our eyes.

We are marching toward the peak and no one can tell which scenarios will unfold on the physical plane. Still in this acceleration of energies, when everything leads us into a different dimensional experience and existence; the only thing we can and should do is stay in our heart. We should feel our balance and create our own reality from this standpoint. No one else will be responsible for all that we will witness only us, as humanity. And we need to be prepared. Prepared in the sense of NOT getting back to our familiar ‘automatic pilot mode’ but ‘operate’ consciously and CONSTANTLY from our heart center.

Every single element of our physical reality can and should be observed from this newly granted standpoint. A whole new way of operating is what we need to learn in a fast-forward way. Being conscious in every moment is the simple method we should learn; and yes it is not easy at all.

One of the best ways to stay in your heart center is practicing the ancient Lemurian method, which became the ancient Hawaiian method called Ho’oponopono. I truly love this method, and the more I started reading about it, the more insights came from the Lemurian Masters about it.

There is no simple way to see our recent reality as it is. It is a playground, and we are conscious participants of a universal teamwork. Stay connected to the ‘Source’ and you will never forget to say thank you and to be grateful for every single happening in your life. Writing about this method reminds me of a beautiful experience on Mount Shasta. We were on Mount Shasta in June for our Venus Transit ceremony.

We started the whole celebration in a crystalline garden and we ended up on the mountain facing the Sun and having his sacred dance with Venus.

Long awaited divine feminine vibrations were arriving back to the planet’s surface in those magical moments. It was indeed time to invite them back. The heart vibration of the group, and with the help our beloved Lemurians on the mountain, this was a perfect combination for this return to happen. The heart of the mountain opened itself to us. The ceremony was deep and profound. And in the sacred moments of feeling the ceremony’s completion a beautiful Hawaiian Grandmother joined our group from out of nowhere. One of the gifts of the mountain is it is always ready to surprise you.

She had such a wonderful introduction to the importance of ho’oponopono that we ended the whole celebration with a planetary ho’oponpono session. It took me some time to get the whole importance of that simple happening. Our ho’oponopono Venus Transit session was on behalf of the long ‘tortured’ Divine Feminine. We released all those elements (the pain, grief and sadness that were attached through hundreds of years of mishandling this most amazing universal source vibration). We thanked and sent gratefulness for All. Sending Love sealed the whole process.

With the constant practice of asking for forgiveness and sending gratitude and love; we can set up a whole new model of our life and all the challenges and difficulties in it. As humans we need this conscious approach to be able to stay in our hearts, and we need this approach as humanity to cherish all the planetary happenings designed for our joined ascension with the planet. The planet knows this method. We, her inhabitants, have to learn, or better said ‘remember’ – remember our Oneness.

Loving, forgiving and being grateful are the magical words used to invite this highest vibrational divine wisdom into our lives. The biggest help is to be perfectly aligned with all the happenings, and to be able to adjust to them accordingly.

My message from the Lemurian Masters for this month is this: find your own ancient method that suits you the best and practice, practice, practice. One method, which is one of the simplest to get in touch with the heart of the universe, is practicing ho’oponpono. If you already know about it, just ask for more insights from the Lemurian Masters in your next meditation. If it is something you never heard about, I deeply suggest reading about it.

We are in the divine wave taking us to the heart of the universe. The more we know about the nature of this journey, the safer our ride can be. When we rediscover more of our beautiful Oneness with ALL, we leave behind all of our limitations. And whatever happens please never forget that this is just the crossroads we are getting to. Dimensions meet and we continue further. What an amazing time to experience it all!

Enjoy the ride!

With all my love,

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