Lemurian Letter: The Flow of Bliss

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Lemurian Letter: The Flow of Bliss

2013 – what a fresh start with the new energies. The culmination of the Winter Solstice completed a phase in our evolutional journey indeed. Now here we are in the middle of these new energies trying out our new senses and experiencing something completely new.

Yes it can be hidden. But just take a closer look. All is happening in the very same way as it did years and years ago? There are micro, and in some cases macro signs of evolutionary changes in every single life on Earth. We have entered a new chapter. “Creation as it is now, has become your own responsibility” – as Adama said. Too huge? Yes indeed. But, we still have all the tools needed to use our new abilities. Just try.

The arriving new set of energies can help us to maintain the higher vibration in all those earthly ‘to dos’ which were not part of the divine approach earlier.  Put aside your old pattern of thinking. Implement a fresh view of every little segments of your daily life. The closer look you take, the closer you can realize how deeply you are part of the creation of any happenings in your life.

Being part of creation is the privilege for those who can leave behind linearity. For those who can find their peace in every single moment of their life. The flow of love, compassion and gratitude is around us. We are all part of it. The gate was opened up by the 2012 code, and it allows us to stay in this flow of Bliss. We are like a newborn in this new reality around. New rules of operation are in place. If this new reality around you seems the same to you, just take a closer look…

This new energy is like a gentle spring wind for many, and like a hurricane for some. Adjusting to it is the very first thing to do for all of us.

‘You are a citizen of the multidimensional reality around you. You have your own passport now. It is the Disc of the Sun in your heart. Through it you can connect to the crystalline grid. Through it you can access to the Crystalline Matrix of the entire Universe. There is a multidimensional reality in every single creation you manifest. You are a part of this matrix. In the past you were part of it in a totally unconscious way. Now it is different. The new reality is shining through the old paradigm. Take a closer look. And connect, connect, connect. Conscious connection to the Grid is the key. Use these tools that you are the master of.

This year is just the beginning. So much will unfold soon. Buckle up. The Crystalline Matrix of the Universe is ready to reveal its long awaited secrets to you. Being Human is the greatest gift in this moment in time.  Use your newly arriving senses and abilities to discover this gift to the fullest. Your heart is the commander. Let her navigate you. ‘- Adama

With all these words what else can I say. We are all part of this grand experience. The new energies are different. We are different. The smile in our hearts is our best compass for this adventure called 2013.

Now with all the beautiful Equinox energies around, have an amazing year, filled with love light compassion and gratitude.


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