Lemurian Letter: The Mirrors of MU

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Lemurian Letter: The Mirrors of MU

Dear Ones,

If I were to suggest one thing as the perfect holiday gift for yourself in this most precious yet extremely chaotic year, it would be this: to find your Sacred Mirror. It is a mirror that reflects all your beauty and perfection. Adama has a more detailed description of it in his message below. So find your Sacred Mirror, and more importantly find the time every single day to sit with it during the Holidays and the coming year.

The mystery of our past and the beauty of our future all sit quietly and wisely in our eyes. Being able to discover our own secrets, can help us the most in understanding the beauty of the unfolding planetary transformation.

Is it challenging? Yes. Does it take an enormous effort to keep our balance sometimes? Oh yes. Is it easy to lose sight of the whole divine design and its milliard miracles? Yes, yes, yes. Still, according to our beloved Lemurians, if we can keep our Peace – Love – Harmony, then we are able to invite Peace – Love – Harmony into our planetary playground here on Earth.

Use the quietness of the Holidays to tune into the most sacred place in the entire world, yourself. I wish you all a blessed, peaceful and miracle filled new chapter called 2015. We will have yet another challenging year, but we will be able to invite in all the peace, love, harmony, compassion, balance and gratitude that we all carry, TOGETHER.

Together we create our future as one. We have all the tools to bring into perfection all what we have learned, and what we are ready to remember. Use your Mirror and bring into reality all the beauty and wisdom that is looking at you, from your own eyes.

The Mirrors of MU are here to remind us of our own divine identity.



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Lemurian Letter: The Mirrors of MU

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