Lemurian Letter: Sun/Earth Dance – Summer Solstice, 2015

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Lemurian Letter: Sun/Earth Dance - Summer Solstice, 2015

I keep getting the questions: Exactly what does being crystalline mean? What does becoming fully crystalline feel like? When will it happen? These are very simple and yet the most important questions regarding our long awaited transformation. We as human beings are going through a major shift. Our physical bodies awaken to those ancient memories that can recognize these changes within us and of course around us. This intense year has brought and is still bringing us so many changes on so many levels. A major part of them is related to our physical bodies. The more attention we can pay to our own transformation, then the easier it is to scope out our major changes. Our physical systems have reached the requested level of light to be able to consciously witness the final segment of ourselves transforming. You can detect day by day how your body is ready to adjust to the incoming light that you can consciously transfer to it. More light creates more consciousness, so the process can and will speed up. The upcoming Solstice can make this process even faster.

As the Crystalline Light from the Heart of our Galaxy finds its way to our earthly existence, more and more occasions are presented to us where we can make this reconnection even stronger and more perceivable. The upcoming Solstice and the following months will bring a huge amount of light into our system. It is our privilege to be able to receive it consciously and forward it to the very heart of our beloved planet.

There was an ancient Lemurian ceremony with this very same divine purpose, according to my beloved Lemurians. It was a ceremony to anchor the universal light from the Heart of our Galaxy back to the crystalline core of our planet. Now that our collective preparations have achieved this long awaited high level, this ceremony can be replicated. Our love filled intentions can create the same dance between Mother Earth and Father Sun that once was danced by our most beloved great, great, great ancestors.

No need for you to be a dancer; no worry. You don’t even need to dance. But, actually dancing can greatly enhance the effects of the process. What needs to be done is so very simple and still so very sacred.

Greet the Light and the milliard love particles arriving with it from the Heart of our Galaxy. They will land first in the Sun, and our Sun/Earth ceremony will make the Light and love particles arrive to Mother Earth, and all the precious human hearts who will be ready to receive it.

This will be a special Solstice, which means that the celestial gate will be WIDE, WIDE open. The magnitude of what our collective conscious approach can achieve on this very date, and of course the following months, is beyond our comprehension at the moment. Still, what they suggested we do is so simple.

First, have your own Solstice Sunrise ceremony. If you do not do anything all day long only greet the rising Solstice Sun, or connect the Su during the day once, you do a HUGE contribution for this planetary Sun/Earth dance to happen. Still, if you feel like it, please stay with the celestial energies all day long. How? Here is the gentle suggestion from our beloved Lemurians.

At Sunrise:
This is a very special dawn of a very special day. Feel your gratitude for the beauty that this whole day will present to you. Take five deep breaths to open your heart for all the wonders that will be presented on this magical Solstice.

Then take another five deep breaths to connect to the rising Sun. Send your loving greetings to its ancient core crystalline essence, thanking and acknowledging its eternal mission to transfer the universal light codes into our planet.

When you ‘set the stage’ for your ceremony, just continue with your deep breathing. Send your love with five deep breaths that reach out to the loving, beating crystalline heart of Gaia.

When the heart connection is set, send your love toward the Center of the Galaxy through the rising Sun. Connecting it directly is a must although all her precious vibrations will land through the Sun this time…

When you can feel the Center of the Galaxy’s loving pulsations, then take five deep breaths and connect it to the Sun. Then again request that all the Light coming through the Sun will find its way to your very own heart.

This is a 5X5 circle. Now take 8 breaths and send ALL the Universal LIGHT coming through the Sun and your own heart back to the crystalline heart of Mother Earth. And then from Mother Earth to the Crystalline Grid around the planet…

During the day:
Just stay connected to the Sun through your heart all day long. Receive the most special light emanating from its core with every single conscious breath during the day. Make these conscious breath circles as much as you can. Feel the arriving light shower connecting every single cell of your body to the crystalline core of our planet.

This process has a high transformative power. You will not be the same person at the end of the day. Be not surprised if your cells ask you to repeat this process the next day, and the next, and the next…

At Sunset:
At the end of the day say goodbye to the setting Sun. Thank him for his contribution of emanating crystalline liquid light from his heart to your very heart. With a closing ceremony consciously send all the light your heart has received during the day to the Heart of Mother Earth.

This is an ancient Lemurian ceremony which connects the crystalline Heart Light of the Galaxy – through our Sun and our own hearts – to the crystalline core of our planet. This reconnection affects the crystalline essence of ALL the sacred sites all around the planet. They will continue to emanate those codes, which will in turn help our crystalline transformation a lot more intensely now. They will make our newly activated Crystalline Grid stronger than ever. This whole process makes the crystalline core of the Earth reconnect fully to the newly reactivated grid. Our Crystalline Grid is the key for our full transformation…

If you can close the day with a physical dance, that would be the most beautiful/powerful method to complete your daylong ceremony. Do it in nature in small or large groups if you can. Connect to the closest crystalline structure. It can be a nearby mountain, lake or creek. You will know which site will call you or your group, just listen. And close the day with a dance circle sending ALL the liquid light that arrived from the Sun to the very heart of Mother Earth. Dance with the Sun, dance with Mother Earth, dance with the Heart of the Galaxy…

‘This is a Lemurian Sun/Earth reactivation dance, nourishing your beloved planet, letting her bathe with your help in the purest light of the Universe… By connecting your heartbeat to the Sun and the Earth you become a conduit that can make your crystalline essence fully alive in your body. Use the upcoming weeks to discover its milliard wonders in your reality. And keep breathing with the Sun. This is the most you can do to maintain the arrived vibration at the highest.

You are one of those whose crystalline essence will change the world. This Solstice is just the beginning. Be prepared for all the wonders this realization will bring into your reality. One thing is for sure, ‘we will be there with you, witnessing the most beautiful dancing parties of the Solstice all around the planet’ on behalf of the Lemurians.

Well what else can I say at the end? I will dance with beautiful people at sunset on a hill that has a secret crystalline cave inside. Please join us through your heart. We will all do it together. We all will be connected. As we connect our hearts to the rising and the setting Sun and it will move, or better yet, dance around the planet, all of us will become part of an ancient Lemurian ceremony. If you feel like sharing with me your whereabouts before, or sending pictures after, please do so. Because we will create together the most beautiful Crystalline Solstice Dance on the planet. Because we are One and we are now ready to dance together and to dance with our beloved Lemurians.

Have a love, joy and a light filled Solstice dancing party,



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