Lemurian Letter: Enjoy your life to the fullest

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Lemurian Letter: Enjoy your life to the fullest

What a beautiful summer around and within. It was quite a long silence from my side. Turbulent energies are all around and I am sure you had /are having similar experiences.

Everything that is happening on our personal stage of life is greatly influenced by the planetary happenings around us. To translate it into our everyday life is this: everything is in constant change. It is hard to find the time to breath, and to settle into all the new frequencies.

Transformation on a big scale is in the air. We need deep silences to understand and integrate the whole mechanism. The first step is understanding. Next we need to receive the proper guidance. And finally comes the ability to implement – including the ability to talk or write about it. Well as you see it took months in my case.

All that we have experienced since the Winter Solstice 2012 is still in motion, still waving in our new reality. It is a very intense ‘in between’ period. Time to time we find that keeping ourselves in balance has become extremely difficult. That is exactly what happened all around the world to many of those precious hearts whose websites I love to read, or those I personally know from my journeys. They are silent. Or they write about the extreme difficulties of keeping communication, and their heart vibrations, at constant high levels.

As part of the shifting whole, the ways of our higher dimensional communication is changing. We are in the middle of our transformation and this can cause temporary ‘voids’ in every area of our lives. Our well-known ways of receiving insights & guidance has shifted to higher frequencies. Therefore we should shift and evolve ourselves accordingly. If we don’t our ‘communication devices’ will not receive them properly. All of our well-known ‘standard’ practices are altering into something new. … We are in intense preparation in every way, indeed.

How long will it take? I keep asking this question and keep getting the very same love filled answer. It is up to us as humanity. Every heart counts. The more conscious we can be in our everyday lives, the more love and light will shine through all of our thoughts, deeds and act, the faster our transformation can be completed.

This intense and constant frequency evolution in our personal systems, including our physical body, can cause temporary difficulties in every stage along the way. No worries, we are just getting used to those precious higher frequencies that were NOT present in our reality for a very long time. Their absence is measured in thousands of years. So you can imagine how great the adjustment we all, and our planet, needs to go through. This is what we are in the middle of.

The love frequency emanating from the Galactic Center is connecting our open hearts. Earlier, there were many gates and filters protecting our limited genetic ability. Our DNA is being intensely activated – for being able to absorb these light codes fully.

The straight connection between our hearts and the Galactic Center was set on the Winter Solstice of 2012. These last seven months were about making the adjustments to be able to receive it with no mediator in between. The newly set and completed Crystalline Grid will help in this reconnection. And, with the Lion’s Gate, opening on July 26th, this will be the first time that the crystal clear love vibration from the heart of the Galactic Center will reach our heart STRAIGHT.

So be prepared. How? Find your silence. Greet the Heart of the Universe through the Grid, the Sun, and the Center of the Galaxy every day. Find your quiet moments and breath. Feel as your heartbeat becomes one with them. Keep everything simple, whatever challenges your beautiful set of physical life presents. Find joy in every tiny segment. Ok, I understand it takes time to find this joy, but try. Be in silence for as much time as you can. And be with your likeminded heart family as much as you can.

We are getting closer to our galactic citizenship as Adama shares. With all of this in your heart, have a great summer with great realizations, greater laughs, and the greatest moments of love in whatever form manifested, just watch….
Enjoy your life to the fullest,

Love and only love,

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