Adama: 2010, The Birth of Our Common New Reality

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The Birth of Our Common New Reality

Greetings to the Masters,

What a historical period of time to live in! What a great experience to explore! I know you. Yes you, reading these words right now. I know exactly what you are going through. I know who you are beyond your 3D limitations, I see all the beauty that resides in your heart. I greet you with all my love and appreciation for all the experiences you have chosen to walk through. You are indeed a Master and it is high time to know everything about this Mastery.

The heart is the most complex yet the most simple symbol of the wisdom you are experiencing. There are so many layers to everything that is happening in your own life right now. There are lessons and there are reminders, there are mirrors and there are challenges. All these tools help you gain one single thing: help to restore your timeless connection to the Master that you really are.

We greet this Master with great anticipation. Your reawakened mastery is the key to our own common future, our common New Reality. The difference between this and any other earlier communication about this beautiful reality is that the time is NOW to create it with all your newly gained wisdom and light. There is a new chapter in your preparation process. 2010 is a year to teach you the divine fact: your reality is what you create for yourself. The tools have never been as easy to use as they are at this point in linear time. Set your intention and be able to manifest your own reality. All the wisdom of the Universe is at your service to learn, to use, to create with.

There are many methods to deepen your personal mastery. The first key for the next step is to trust yourself and trust the Master you really are. Ask yourself where the feeling of this divine trust resides. When you get the loud and clear answer that it is your heart and when you get it FROM your heart then you are ready. Be a conscious communicator with your own heart and you will become the conscious communicator with the Universe. When you are in constant connection with the Universe the Master that you really are is ready to reappear in your reality. From that moment on you will be able to keep the focus in your heart always. That is the point when your life starts to form according to the clear intension you are manifesting. That is the moment when the 5th Dimension opens its gate for you. This process has never been as easy as this year. Conscious creation is a beautiful tool and a huge responsibility as well. Daily reconnection to the Master within is a must. Your divine wisdom is the access code to the creation process. 2010 is a preparation period to gain back this mastery to reconnect to the wisdom of the Universe.

Planet Earth as a playing ground and it is ready to take the next step in her universal mission. The choice is yours to keep up with her in her ascension process or stay to choose another playing ground for further lessons to learn. Humanity has now the option to choose and definitely has the option to ascend. You, beloved Masters have the same personal opportunity. You set those options into motion a long time ago. Now, the moment of truth has come, as well as the moment of the birth of the New Reality. As with every birth process related to the 3rd Dimension it brings some pain, difficulties can accompany it for a while. The focus in your heart always helps to navigate through the challenges. Many changes will bring this New Reality closer. The process has started with full force. Trust the Master that you really are. Let the timeless wisdom of the Universe be your guide. How? By constant communication with it through your heart. No need to wait for anyone outside, you are able to connect your own entourage of Ascended Teachers. The channeling is not only for a selected few. This is the new way of communication and available for every open hearted seeker.

All the wisdom resides within. All the light resides with it there. Your heart has a gate to your own immortal mastery. Let it connect you to the Source and the eternal beauty of the Universe. Let the reality of the 5th Dimension appear in your daily life. This is the most important birth process humanity ever went through and the wisdom of ancient Lemuria, the wisdom of knowing the Universe around you in a quantum level is a giant step in this process. On behalf of the wisdom keepers of those ancient times from Telos under Mt. Shasta and many other Crystalline cities in the higher dimensions we greet this moment of time with all our love, support and eagerness to help.
Our New Reality is ready to be born. I greet the Masters that you all are and help this most amazing process to finally come true.

High priest of Telos and Universal Master of New Humanity

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