KyraNamu: Resurrection in the Hearts

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Resurrection in the Hearts

Greetings to you all,

This is KyraNamu here.

April in your linearity is one of the most powerful periods of time. This is in a symbolic way the end of a twelve signs lenght period and the beginning of a new one, with the Ariel Full Moon and Easter as the most powerful parts of it.

This time of the year is always important. Time to set the new yearly plan in action, time to bring to the surface the most of your recently achieved Divinty. There is a strong pulsation in the air, in Gaia around this time, Resurection unfolds in so many ways. If I say these are extraordinary times, I am saying the least. You are about to experience one of the most exciting times of your lives. I am not talking about positive elements only here. Challenging periods are part of the divine plan also showing the way on your personal paths further, sometimes.
With these important changes in all levels of your recent human experience it is the high time to bring back to the surface some of the long forgotten sacred tools to work with. To help you gain back your own Clarity, Balance and Harmony.
I am now with Lady Nada. She is here to share with you all the basics regarding the long forgotten power of the Resuraction flame and its most sacred influence on your recent lifestream.

To recreate the long awaited Divine Balance in all of its milliard manifestations, we should work first on all of their Divine Feminine aspects, bringing them to the light fully.

Lady Nada and myself are here to present you a very simple technique to invite this sacred element into your own heart, anytime to feel the urge to bath in this most healing enpowering flame.

Greetings to all the Hearts here. I am in the humble presence of the divine gift that I am here to share with you all. I am Nada and people say that the mentor and expert of the Resurraction flame. With so many experiences behind yes I can confirm that I am one of those who know so well and live so well this sacred flame through ages.
What could be better occasion to talk about its beauty than the Easter time with its exquisite importance and power.
Spring can bring all the elements of this flame into your life in a multiplied strenght.There are no need of any strict methods to follow if you feel to experience it fully this time.

Resurrection is one of the many flames since the beginning of time that help you to hold your own divinity. There are periods in the divine plan when holding your divinity is just beyond your personal ability. This is not of those times. It can not be if you achieve a certain readiness, but yes there were those periods of human history when this readiness was so far from your recent consciousness. This time is different. This brings the sacred atributes of the sacred flames closer to you. Time to work with them in their full potential. Time to invite them fully into your hearts.

The Resurrection flame is the purest manifestation of the energy which able to change the vibration of you own physical vehicle, down to your cells. It is indeed ready to change the way how you can perceive physical reality. There is a way of experience you recent 3d reality. With this sacred flame‘s attributes this reality is ready to manifest something completey new. Not beacuse the surounding changes in any way just because your physical ability changes in its perceivability.
The Resurrection flame is ready to heal you completley. Not in a sense to make any physical discomforts or symptoms disappear, rather in a sense that with the full adjustment of this flame you will need not any physical inbalance anymore.

To work with this sacred element is not a one day long experience, especially not a one meditation long trip. We are invite you to come back as many times to keep a certain balance of the reawakened resurrection flame inside as you feel so.

To connect it can happen through meditation, it can happen through a nice walk in the nature. You can find your own personal balance to maintain it on a permanent way. It will present miracles in your life soon. The old paradigm of seeing reality in a certain way will slowly but surely change with this flame inside.

We are here to help you to tune into its Feminine aspect first. That can bring you first the requested Balance and bring the further elements into work, later.

Lets do the invocation together.

In your meditative state when you connected your heart through breathing to the Great Central Crystal Sun in the heart of the planet and through the Great Central Sun in the heart of the Universe we invite you to enter to the Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine in the Higher Dimensions. The center has a Wonderful orange purple golden coloured Shrine inside for the emanations of this partucilar Flame. Step in with us. This place represents fully the vibration of this sacred falme. All its bright purple orange golden colors and crytal sounds, all its sweet sandal smell and atmosphere mirror the power of the resurrection. There is the visible flame itself in its entire beauty in the middle. Step closer, feel its healing warm and enpowering light. See all its dancing and ever growing flames with your inner eyes. Feel it with all your senses. Take e a deep breath . Inhale the healing, transformative power of it. Take at leats 9 deep breath and with the breath all the sacred power of this flame will find the way into the center of your own heart. Your breath connects your heart to this flame. With these deep inhales your heart start to mirror the flame itself. Your heart starts to emanate the very same vivid Resurrection energy that was transported to it through your conscious breathing. When you finished the invocation with you breathing, seal it with your own words. Greet the Resurrection flame in your own heart. Greet it loud. Thank it to your Divine self, thank it to the univers, say thank you for the higher dimensions and your own heart to let the flame appear inn. When you are ready, you are greeted back into your physical body. You can feel the sacred flame inside your heart. Its transformative, healing power will manifest in many forms now on. It helps you step by step to experience a new reality.

The resurraction flame is one of those sacred flames which have returned in their full enpowerness to help you in this special period of time. As the light have returned, the same is happening with all the divine tools which belong to it. Be ready for thier help.

Try to stay with this special emanation daily. Invoke it consciously to your body and you will experience its power on so many ways in your recent lifestream. Dear ones the time is here to greet your beautiful divinity entirely. Be open for your own sacred wisdom. Use the tools of the univers to get closer to your own divine self.

On behalf of the Great Diamond Sisterhood we are here to say good bye now. I am Lady Nada and I am here with you to forward the vibration of this flame not only by the written words but by the sacred waves of this flame that are sent to your heart simultaneously now by the words itself. Feel our love and let the wisdom and love of our dimensions guide you through.

The honor is ours to serve,
Nada and KyraNamu

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