Adama: Compassion and the Center of the Galaxy

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Adama: Compassion and the Center of the Galaxy

Greetings to the Masters,

As you march deeper into the new paradigm, new challenges pave the way for preparing you for your most deserved higher dimensional existence.

Everything is there. Your lovefilled New Earth is there, and your ability to explore most of it with your newly awakened divine senses are there.

There is one tiny missing piece. The newly activated brain set to be able to comprehend it all. This is the beautiful task for this new chapter called “2013” – to explore yourself, including your newly calibrated mind set, to the fullest.

I am not suggesting you attend psychological courses. Rather instead explore in silence “that you are capable of everything”, and “that you are the center of your timeless universe”. You are connecting all these personal universes into one single heartbeat of the cosmos. The more you know about yourself, the more you know about this rhythm of LOVE. The more you love yourself, the more you can attract the pure love particles of the Source – available to all of you.

These pure love particles are called the highest vibrational LIGHT that arrives from the Heart of the Cosmos through our Galactic Center. Your dedication and readiness, plus the newly activated Crystalline Grid around the planet add together; and thus you are able to tune into the Galactic Center and receive all these light particles into the core of your being. Compassion is the key for this reconnection to happen.

The Crystalline Grid, with all its layers, was ready by the end of 2012. Planetary happenings on the Winter Solstice completed the reconnection between the GRID and the Galactic Center.

This Grid is like a newly born baby, and needs your love, care and most importantly your compassion. Compassion – feeling oneness with everyone and everything – is the fire of the newly born Grid. Compassion is like fuel for this interdimensional system. It is fuel from your reality so that the Grid is able to stay alive, prosper, vibrate, grow and shine.

So whenever you send love to the planet, to all living beings, and to the heart of the universe, please remember to also send your love to the Grid. Please send the pure fire of your compassionate heart to the planet, to all living beautiful beings, to the universe, AND to the Grid. With this action, you act as a conduit between them.

The suggested simple method is twofold.  The Crystalline Grid is getting stronger; and at the same time you are getting fully prepared for the galactic vibrations. The stronger Grid will be able to store and transform, more of the arriving vibrations from the Galactic Center while you are getting prepared to implement it into your precious physical system..

By connecting the fire of compassion in your heart you can gain access to the greatest vibration of the heart of the universe through the center of your galaxy. Sounds sci-fi? Just wait when your scientists will prove the connection between the pulsing vibrations of the center of your galaxy to your brain waves. Gamma will be the keyword. Now, just start your preparation work.

Fill your heart to the fullest with feelings of compassion, love and patience and be prepared for something extraordinary simple. Because it will happen “in the blink of an eye” and you will realize that the transformation happened indeed.  Your crystalline body will be fully present in the crystalline universe. Until then there are a few steps to make.

Now that your heart is fully prepared, your brain needs certain adjustments. You can do brain wave enhancer meditations. Working with divine frequencies can help the most. Your mindset will change and it will be able to gradually receive more. It receives the most from the core vibration of the universe. Great changes are ahead. So the best you can do is be prepared.

Be in your heart always. That is rule number one. Observe your mind changing. Rule number two. Trust in your new senses and the wisdom of the universe. Rule number three. Thus you will experience the greatest gift one can attain in human form: to become a universal citizen in physical embodiment form.

What a gift and what a chance. Love your body and nourish it because this is the first time in human history that it can be your vehicle into your crystalline reality.

Practicing compassion needs to be a daily routine – in its most beautiful sense. The whole paradigm of reality can change with the changing of your attitude. Loving yourselves and feeling compassion toward others are the two simplest and still most important of emotions. Be the key for all the changes you are about to experience soon. I know there is “nothing new” in these timeless teachings. Still, with the paradigm change that you are all experiencing – the results are that these effortless efforts bring their fruits into existence NOW.

Never forget the simple truth which was imprinted into your DNA a long time ago: Compassion is the personal code to your planetary ascension. The Grid is the gift from the Galactic Center to make it happen NOW.

How can the Lemurian heritage be connected to all this cosmic wisdom? The answer is simple. There was a time in human history when this galactic frequency, in perfect alignment with human embodiments, was present on this planet. The imprints of these memories are still in your DNA. There are Lemurians who kept this wisdom alive. They are among you and around you. They are galactic citizens, as you all will be. Your heart knows the proper frequency to recognize them. They have so much to share. They are us. We are here.

We are closer then ever since the erasing of the divine frequencies from this planet, since the disconnection from the Galactic Center,  from the Heart of the Cosmic Mother.

The rising love frequency of your hearts will enable us to share more and more. The reconnection to the Galactic Center happened on the Winter Solstice. You are ready, so we are ready. Compassion is reuniting us.

Our common heartbeat is the compass for the planet which points towards the Galactic Center. Lemurians were the holders of the most ancient love frequency on planet Earth. We were the ambassadors of the love of the Cosmic Mother. Now it is your turn to bring her back to the planet, to her Home.

It is time,
March 2013

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