Adama: Silence and Simplicity

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Adama: Silence and Simplicity

Greetings to the Masters,

It is always an honor to address my words to you. And there is always urgency when these words need to find their way into your hearts. We are there with you always; we know which level of readiness you are connected to. We know when we can start our direct communication with you person by person. And we are fully aware of which are the issues that need a broader audience to talk to you about.

There are those long awaited preparation steps that make your recent rise in consciousness levels ready for certain planetary changes. They are the same as the universal changes, but no need to deal with them at the moment from this stage of operation. Soon the call will arrive to your heart to pay even more attention to these changes. Always seek the interconnectedness. There are no separate events to unfold but there will come a chain of events, which will bring the recognition of the broader spectrum of the transformation you and your beloved planet are in the middle right now.

This year brings all the changes to open the gate for the new energies to arrive full speed to your reality. The only tools needed are to be found residing within you. Silence, and simplicity are two of them. They are carrying the needed vibrations to be prepared.

Silence – not that of the hermit who keeps physical silence for months and uses the method of pulling away from his physical reality.  The silence I am referring to here keeps you in your reality with a constant presence in your heart that gives you the scoop of your recent life, and helps you to recognize and manifest into it all you need to learn from, and to be gifted by it.

Silence is the simplest method to connect you to your own heart. This silence is like your personal master that can help you to stay in focus. Staying in the focus of the heart and not the mind. Silence is like a Golden Dome you can use to eliminate all the noisy disturbances around you.

Use it as a gift you give to yourself every day. When this silence is able to build its Golden Dome around you, then a new way of communication can start; first with your own self, and then with the Masters. We are waiting there hoping to communicate to all those who can appear behind the curtain of their silence. Yes, this Golden Dome is the aim of finally taking its form around your consciousness; creating this imaginary place where we can interact with you in divine perfection.

It is personal in a sense but the method can be shared easily. Few deep breaths are the beginning always. It restores the mind to heart axis, and the ability to discover all that silence can reveal. Leaving behind all the noise your brain projects constantly is the second step, the challenging one. Keep breathing is the technique. Invite silence consciously into your mind. The return of this silence has a warm, smooth feeling in your mind at first and then it brings peace and love to your heart. Try.

Simplicity is a reaction from your heart to this ‘action’ of silence. The world around you reflects back your silence in the form of simplicity. The world is reflecting back what your heart is projecting and soon your mind will start to focus on, and find this simplicity in everything. Play as a child and try to find it in everything in your everyday life. The act of invoking simplicity into your life is the act of consciously connecting the true meanings of every single acts, deeds, words and actions. Try.

Your whole reality is ready to be adjusted by these two words. And when this adjustment happens, a way new world is ready to open its gate to you. Are you ready to rediscover a new approach to reality around you? Are you ready to realize that this new reality is right around you at the very moments you read these words?

When you realize that you are in the middle of setting your own new reality then it can unfold, and will unfold soon in the same conscious way on the planetary level. So yes certain changes are in the air dear ones but your conscious approach and heart centered contemplative effort can and will enhance their enfoldments on a high vibrational perfection level.

Deep breaths and find your silence. Find the inner master and this whole new way of living will be presented to you from the heart of the universe with its eternal simplicity.

All that will unfold on this tiny jewel called earth will be a great effect on the entire universe. We were/have been the witness of the validity of these words. You have the imprint of it in your own heart. Your heart knows simply everything; the only thing you need to do is helping it to remember.

So my beloved Masters the method is has been fully yours from the beginning of time and now you have all the support of the universe to use it with timeless perfection. Silence and simplicity will pave the way and we are there always to assist.

With the eternal love and wisdom of the Lemurians in Telos under Mount Shasta and from the time when this planet was called the Pearl of the Universe,

The High Priest of Telos and the Universal Master of New Humanity

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