RanaMu: Come with us hand in hand

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Come with us hand in hand

Hello my Beloveds, What a wonder to be here.

Time to time it is nice and necessary to go back in time for being able to appreciate more the present, and for visualizing a future with more compassion.

Our past and our future are one.

Remembering fully our Lemurian Heritage is the key on many levels to create our common future.

The future what we dream for.

It is indeed wonderful to see how many hearts are ready, and to know how many more will join us in this Common Creation.

The Ascension is not yours only. But your readiness is very important for our beloved planet, as-well as for all the other kingdoms and divine entities.

Bring your light and love, take the wisdom and power, and be ready to create OUR COMMON MAGNIFICENT FUTURE.
When your readiness achieve a certain level, you will realize suddenly that this creative process is not ahead of you. It is IN YOU with full gear- so to say.

Blessed is the heart which realize that Oneness in Love is the only way in our Universe and for beyond to step further.

Come with us hand in hand
Create with us heart in heart.
The new reality called 5th dimension is at your door now.
Open your precious heart for it, for us.

You are loved all so dearly,
Yours from the past and the future,

Mother Queen RanaMu

January 10, 2008, Hawaii

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