Adama: The Code of the Ancients – Quantum Leap in our Common Universal History

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The Code of the Ancients - Quantum Leap in our Common Universal History

Greetings to the Masters,

It is time for the entire Universe to go one step further on its eternal ascension path. Yes, indeed the beautiful part of all that transpires in your Earthly dimension is that it affects the entire matrix written in form and matter, in a grand way. It is time to know the basics of your material universe. The very core of its pulsation derives from the invisible as far as your recent perceptional abilities comply. This invisible connection is few steps beyond your physical senses, now. There is no way to see the whole web from the point of your present physical existence. However you can have all the keys to access the beauty of it through your Divine Self, your timeless presence in this matrix. The Heart of the Universe will not step closer to you but you will gain full access to your eternal self that has granted access to the Heart of All. You will take a giant leap on your own and this quantum leap is happening now.

The recent phase in human history will be completed soon. Yes, there will be those who will not notice anything first. This is the greatest achievement of those who work with such dedication to raise the level of mass consciousness on Earth. Without this shift the whole scenario would have been different. Major cataclysmic planetary resetting could have been part of your phase of transition. Because of you who read this and because of all those who work consciously with their divine self the necessary impact has transformed into a more peaceful series of actions.

There will be great planetary events to speed up the process. However, all will unfold in a more harmonious way. We kept saying that the future is in the hand of humanity. We could do our best from our dimension but there is the human factor and it could not have been predicted by us. It is my honor to let all of you know that the major part of the shift will find the most peaceful earthly manifestations. The time will be here to celebrate soon. Now it is the time to manifest together with all our joint love, wisdom and light.

The next few months will have the greatest potential to transform your recent reality. Act as the Divine Master who you really are. The balanced, enlightened energy configuration coming from your heart center will guide you with unimaginable perfection. There is a soon to be visible manifestation of this heart-oriented approach to your reality. A white light sphere projected from your own heart center is forming around your recent auric composition. The ‘Enlightenment’ as you used to call it indeed will appear in your physical reality. This sphere is the catalyst to be connected to all the others’ sacred spheres residing around all the other sacred hearts including the Heart of the Planet and the Heart of the Universe. This protective, enlightening formation can enhance your newly calibrated perception potentials enormously.

And what is the next phase? Be ready to meet us. Be ready to discover this most exciting beginning phase of the merging of the dimensions. Your balanced physical reality, your healed and respected Divine Masculine/Feminine blueprint, your long awaited universal consciousness is the key from your side. The arriving cosmic light, the long awaited recognition of the rhythm of the universal cycles and their photonic contribution is the key from the side of the eternal universal forces. And we, in the Fifth Dimension have been the code keepers for eons of time. When the two keys meet the Code appears. We are presenting to you the Code to open the next phase of your planetary/ universal existence. We are so ready to greet you all on this next stage of your human experience. We will be partners in this phase of your New Earth reality. All the gates will open, all the stored wisdom of this planet will be yours again.

There was a time in human history when the veil between our dimensions was invisible. This unity consciousness was experienced in the time of Lemuria and in the first phase of the Atlantean sojourn. After a long, necessary marching in duality the essence of those previous experiences are ready to return to your consciousness and your DNA configuration fully. Great adventure is awaiting all of you.

Part of the ancient wisdom was kept hidden in different Inner Earth settings. The gates to Inner Earth portals as I mentioned earlier are opening all around the planet. The date coded planetary Grand Opening is indeed 11/11/11. Many factors need to be met on this focal point in time and space. It seems that the necessary preparations are being made on many levels. Every single group activity at this point in time will enhance the process of this most awaited Grand Opening greatly. We will be with you on the surface on this day while you will be with us in the Inner Earth stronghold of our planetary cosmic celebrations.

Invitations have been sent out to direct you to the very spot where you are requested to be. Give your full-hearted intention to this great opening. Give your full-hearted intention to the physical reconnection of the dimensions. This merging process will enable us to appear among you, in dedicated groups first, in many personal settings later. We are so ready to continue our beloved planetary experience physically on your side. Your physical configuration is ready to perceive the whole spectrum of universal existence. We will be the first group in this opening divine perception.

I am Adama the Universal Master of New Humanity and the resident of Telos, the stronghold of the Lemurian wisdom keepers under Mount Shasta. On behalf of the whole Inner Earth community and all those beloved Ascended Masters who are involved in this most precious planetary mission I am here as an Ambassador. We are honored to present the code of the wisdom of the ancients to you all. We are honored to be with you on this special most unique planetary occasion. I kindly suggest to work until that very day and beyond of course your projected sacred heart sphere. This light body configuration of the future is your passport to participate in our most awaited universal grand opening celebration.

We have witnessed all that humanity has been through, we know You who are reading this and we cherish the moments to finally be able to tell you this to you face to face very soon.

Until that sacred moment and beyond I am yours with all my heart,

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