Adama: Our New Earth – Your New Reality

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Our New Earth - Your New Reality

From the Lemurian Council of Twelve, greetings to you all. This is Adama here.

At the beginning of this year I told you how extraordinary this period of  time that you just stepped  in.  The planetary alignments never before were so supportive then this time, I mean during this twelve thousands years long cycle. And this is only the beginning. Let us greet you in the time of limitless wonders. It is only up to the readiness of your hearts how deeply  you can let enter the Divine into your cells, or rather how deeply you ready to enter into the Divine, your next dimension formation called the fifth, with the knowledge that all these numbers help only for your linear brain-part to place itself in it.

The good news is that all the outside conditions will be set from the next few weeks. This will be valid from the great energy formation of the July Full Moon of this wonderful ascension ready year numbered 2008. My dearest, in the year of the New Beginning these are the weeks when the gate will be open for all the  wonders what your New Reality can forward to us . We are fully ready, all the help is on your side. The reawakened diamond in your hearts sending us the signal to be at your service. Let us show you the true nature of all what you were waiting for, let us show you Our Common New Earth.

From this month on linear time the veil literally will be ready to disappear, the huge energy formation what will reach our planet within days will enhance this process greatly. After that certain point in time all what is ready to be manifested is fully up to the perception you are ready to accept. No more outside conditions need to be unfold.  The very intense  electromagnetic wave formations arriving this time will settle all the final outside conditions.  All  further adjustments should come strictly from within. The Universe is ready to see the miracles what humanity assigned for, eons ego.

Wonderful  Ascended Masters can show you their truly valid methods to step further on your personal and collective journey to return back to our greatest treasure, to our Divine Source. Your heart will choose for you the most convenient and personally acceptable way to follow. If you feel the urge in your heart to get to be in closer connection with us it means that your Lemurian codes have started to be activated. The call will be stronger on a  daily basis now.

We will be at your service as we have been until this special moment. However this assistance can be different from now on. Can be more personal in a strong sense that you can be guided through by your very personal guide, your higher dimensional self. We can help to fasten this reunion, because this is the next step in your journey home to Our New Earth, our beloved New Lemuria. The moment of this reconnection will be the first true experience of it.

What a blessings to see around and count all the open hearted wonderful beings called 3D humans who are ready to step further, to experience something new and wondrous, leaving behind those obstacles what from here we can call together 3 Dimension.

The most divine beauty of this process that it is not an individual achievement. You are as Humanity are ready for this very next step.

This year brings a lot on every level. The 5 dimension wont be a far, seemingly unreachable destination anymore. All what need to be solved, accomplished as a human being, as a group of galactic citizens or as a planet itself are under intense unfolding . Our New Earth is in rapid unfoldment. To experience this New Earth  around – including to see,  visit the Inner Earth – is at your door now.

The perception of your reality must go through a major adjustment.  The key my beloved as we told you so many times lays within. To experiences all what this new reality bring into your life can be perceived by your very personal and newly borne senses.  Some cases it can come with symptoms on the physical. Whatever type of emotional, mental or physical difficulties or obstacles just right in front of you please be sure that all these are part of the process.

All what belong to the old energy first need its culmination on the physical before the New fully can step into its place. So it is just a gentle reminder that whatever problem you face take it with your wisdom, place it to the Diamond Heart of yours and be sure that it will change its colors, its form and through a rapid transition period thanks to your new ability and newly borne senses  something new will emerge on its place : Balance, Understanding, Wisdom and Light. Try it and you will be surprised by the results how you are able now to change your own reality.

The wonderful New energy has arrived. All is in rapid change. Use your heart as a compass and explore your newly activated skills and senses to change your reality into something wondrous and divinely real. Greet us in your very life. Magical encounters will happen this year. And all these magical happenings will become normal within a certain amount of time. The 5 dimension is at your door. And now thank to you and the ever increasing light around our  planet you can step into this New Reality of Our Common New Earth.

My beloved seekers, stay focused enjoy all the benefits of this very special planetary alignments which give you all the necessary assets to experience ALL what I just mentioned above, and please keep in your heart that we can help you with the exact same intensity as your hearts intention ready to accept it.  The New Earth at your door. Let’s enjoy together its wonder-full benefits.

With love to you all

July Full Moon, 2008

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