Pali Noa: Downloading the past

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Pali Noa, Spirit of the Mountain introduced himself to me today. I was on the mountain quite high. I literally could touch it, could touch the only part of the island on the physical which inevitably belongs to ancient Lemuria.

The mountain was crying. Teardrops were falling down from every centimeters of it. The mountains still contain energetically all what Lemuria meant including its devastation at the end. Walking there I just realized that I am in a conversation with the spirit of these special mountains…

Greetings from my heart to you Pali Noa, the Spirit of the sacred mountains of Hawaii. – Divine greetings back to you, now. This is a long forgotten experience for me to talk to a surface dweller on my sacred site. Greeting to you, and all those whose hearts are longing to know more about their/our beloved Lemuria.

Yes, you can say I am the Keeper of the Records, here. Many or better to say all of the ancient records related anyhow to our beloved continent are stored in the vast library in the mountain. In our 5 dimensional reality a wonderful recording system of Crystals was /have been at our help to preserve all information which once belonged to Lemuria.

We knew that one day the linear time arrives at a certain point when seemingly 3D souls with beautiful 5D hearts will ask permission to step in to get certain information from the records, to help to remember for many.

One can entered only when it is approved by the Council of the Elders. The approval can be gained by different reasons.This reason can be very personal if someone is ready to access his/her very personal records, yes it can happen now. The same access can be granted for planetary reasons. This second will also happen soon. In order to know more about the future in every level, it is time to know more about the past.

All is set inside regarding the assistance for this precious research. This 5D cave system or Crystal Library is connected directly to the Akash – It is a specific Lemuria related part of it. Everybody with the requested consciousness level, if approved, can have access to the part of the past she/he needed to know about.

I strongly suggest to go through the protocol right now, with you. This can be the simplest way to show the steps to get in for others.

In mediation, when you are after a certain breathing technique ready to connect the Central Suns in your heart ( one from above the great Central Sun and one below the great central Crystal sun). The heart can get the requested amount of light to become as wide open as possible. This openness is the key to let your Divine Self merge with your 3D heart.

In this temporary state of being ONEness with the Higher Self is the key for all the 5D experiences, first for limited period of time only, later permanently if you wish for and you are energetically ready.

In this state of being you are able to ask permission from the Council of the Elders. They thoroughly check the readiness of your heart for all the information what you asked for. If they agree you can follow the protocol. You have the permission now to enter into the mountain. See the wonders of the beautiful crystal cave where we invite you now to step in. Sit down comfortably , feel the very special air, feel the very special energy here.

‘PLEASE SHOW ME ALL WHET I AM READY TO SEE.’ Please always limit yourself with the recent ability of yours, never ask ALL, only what you are ready for. This helps to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Stay in your meditative state after posing the request and without any expectation you can start to to feel how a type of ‘Downloading’ starts. All what you are ready to see, hear, sense will be placed with a special method called Lemuria Heritage Downloading System into a crystal sphere for you. Stay relaxed during this download. The crystals with our divine assistance will know exactly why you are here for. It can take quite a long time. But be calm, in linear time it means minutes only.

When the process is over, you can slowly get yourself back from the meditation state. A strange physical symptom of the successful download may occur now. For few seconds you can feel all your cells, every molecule of your physical body filled with light and wisdom.

It is like a pleasant electric stimulation what goes through your entire body.That is fully part of the process called the ‘sealing period’. You are full with light now. The crystal sphere what is yours and now connected to your crystalline chacra stores all the information in light codes what you asked for. It is yours now. However it takes time for you to fully activate these newly arrived lightcodes.

The transmission completed.

One can ask what will happen after, when will these new codes become active fully.

Well it is up to the amount you asked and received. From few hours till weeks the integrating period is quite personal. All the requested info, memories are part of your recent existence now on. Step by step you will see feel sense, Re-member with your precious memories. As you have this access to your memories all the details of your ancient past will built in into your 3D self on a conscious way. All the requested memories will start to come to you in pictures, senses on a very clear way.

To know your Lemurian past is a part of the DNA activation. A significant part of it. With this activated memory light codes you are ready the full DNA activation and soon ready a permanent state of being as the embodiment of your own divine self.

The method is yours now. The time of remembering and creating is ONE, as past and future are one. Be a conscious traveler of your journey home.

No need to come here for this memory light code activation, however mandatory to be in nature for this process. We can be with you anywhere.We are at your service with wisdom light and love.

Pali Noa

The spirit of the Lemurian mountains.

January 14, 2008, Hawai

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