Adama: Are You Ready?

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Are you Ready?

Dearest Masters,

Imagine things and make them real are different. Before you can be entered on the physical you need to get used to our dimension as we said. There is no new assignment, just to get prepared for it in all levels. Until than, you can plan it and dream about it, all that will help and will be heard. You can get closer but not in. The difference in the frequency levels are too huge now. Individual invitations to Telos will help to raise the group’s consciousness. The few who are ready, will know it with no doubt, they will be the first to be invited. When they get back, they can help in the group’s entering process.

Come to the Mountain, raise your consciousness, get your personal divine experiences. Continue the preparations days and nights. All your etheric visit to us help the divine aim to get in on the physical. But it can not happen earlier than your readiness. Are you ready? ARE YOU READY? Without desperation, expectations, but with open heart, peace, balance and harmony? We will know when it happens. The key of the timing is the length of the preparation.

We are here to help.’


August 20, 2007

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