KyraNamu: The Healing Energy of the April Full Moon

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Greetings to you all.

Let me have the honor to forward you some insights about the energy of our recent special full Moon . On behalf of the Great Diamond Sisterhood please tune in for a second, to feel the profound energy what the recent  Moon could bring to the surface in the upcoming weeks. I would like to say that even though this message came out from Telos, under the divine mountain Mt Shasta, the effect of the most feminine of the planets is ours here as well as all yours on the surface.

I hope that you could sense at least for a short period of time the magnificent healing power of the Violet Flame energy what was sent to the surface at the last full Moon. I have the news to you, that the intensity of the healing, transformational and awakening power of this divine flame sent to the surface by the Great Diamond Sisterhood will not be lowered this time. Contrary. The full moon energy and her activating power will be doubled at least,  for personal as well, as for planetary advantages.

My beloved holders of the Divine Feminine which of course does not depend on your recent male/female embodiment.  I take this opportunity again to send our greatest admire for all of you who let this great power be awaken inside of you, or who just simply feel the call to let it in. We are here to help in this process. Our mission as I told a month ago is at least twofold. We are there upon request with every single one of you to activate these sacred flames in your lives. The focus is on the Violet Flame right now, especially on its feminine aspect. You soon will see why. Accomplishing your personal requests we can be closer to our common planetary mission to do. Please take the wondrous energy of this flame in every conscious minutes of your life and through your personal achievements help for our beloved planet to go through the same healing, empowering, transforming phases what this flame can enhance.

The  returning  of the Divine Feminine  is one of the most important elements of all what is unfolding recently.That is why the full Moon have greater and greater importance in this process as I said on both personal and planetary level. If we can manifest enough from this wondrous flame on the surface, we can assist on  the reappearance of this divine  energy  in full power. It will be able to balance perfectly the existing masculine side in everything. When harmony returns of course with other divine elements,  it can reopen the gate for the mass Ascension, what we all working on diligently. Your precious help is the most needed in this process. Enhance the power of this flame in your life through your daily meditation.

This sacred flame and the transformational power what it represents can bring back our long forgotten Lemurian heritage to the surface.This sacred flame and the divine force behind it, can activate the Lemurian Crystal Temple of Love on the etheric Moon and can reconnect it to her planetary roots on the Earth. Let me tell you that the activation of the sacred feminine aspect of the Moon can bring the biggest balance back on Earth. Every sacred site can and has to be reconnected to this embodiment of the Sacred Feminine . It is happening I just want you to be involved in this very special process. One of the main entrances for the Moon energy to the surface is here at the feminine embodiment of the sacred mountain  Mt Shastina which is directly linked to the Lemurian Violet Flame Temple in Telos. If you feel the call, please send your love and light to the sacred Feminine Violet flame into this very spot. In  your mediation you can fully sense how these love energies can enhance the affect of this flame, which can goes out until the Crystalline Grid around our planet, and soon beyond.

In return for your wonderful work, you in your very personal level can feel intensely the healing and transformational effect of this wonder.

We here as the Great Diamond Sisterhood with full accordance with the Great White Brotherhood, and you there as the 3D embodiment of ours, can achieve tremendous wonders together.

Your service to the planet the most welcomed remedy for your very personal lives.

Let’s heal our beloved planet together while let us heal everything in your personal lives.

Let in the wondrous energy of the full Moon, let in the wonders with working the transforming, healing element of the feminine aspect of the Violet Flame.

We are at your service.
Always in love


April 16, 2008, Mount Shasta

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