KyraNamu: Finding Balance

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Finding Balance

Greeting to you all this is Kyra NaMu from The Great Diamond Sisterhood from our beloved Lemurian city Telos, beneath Mt Shasta.

I am here to talk to you again about the wonderful energy of our recent Moon activity. According to the ever evolving energy formations both on planetary and personal levels, this new phase of time which you call June Full moon till July Full Moon, will help on many levels to get you closer to divine goals.

We are the closest to the  Summer Solstice energy here. So it means we are the closest to reach our Balance. And because the energy formation of the year makes it possible from this peak of balance, you will be able to keep it the rest of the year and longer, of course if you approach it with the requested consciousness level all time long.

Being in balance and harmony are the major keys to step further in your divine path, feeling Oneness with every living things on Earth and beyond is a tool for it. I will not ask you more regarding your very personal path just keep the balance from this special piece of time, because the BALANCE is very much on your side from our perspective. Now you have all the necessary tools and elements to keep it. Practice it in all your awaken moments and a new level of existence will be manifest in-front of your very physical eyes.

Keeping Balance in your personal lives will help you to work with us on a more intense way regarding our Common Planetary Assignment.

As the honorary  members on the surface of our reactivated Sisterhood  please step with us further in our common mission with having the same heartbeat with Gaia as I asked you a month ago. With the help of all the wonders of the Moon energy we are here to call you for some planetary work during this very special period of time. We should help Gaia with OUR balance to find hers. Please turn your eyes away for a minute from all what you have to face through the mass-media. Just listen to inside, listen with your own divine ears how Gaia feels and how could you help her to achieve her long lost balance.

Being in balance means many. Being in balance means that the Divine Feminine is back to it well deserved place. It is very true in every level. So to shine your balance you have to feel and live all what was locked in you for so long period of time, your Divine Feminine aspect IN BALANCE with the Masculine. When you feel that in your veins again, you will be able to assist for Gaia with the same process. As much as we can offer our service to you gaining back your balance, your service can do the same for Gaia. Please ask our help in your meditation and we can be right there, bringing you the requested healing, balancing, harmonizing energy. In your meditation we can place a vast amount of Violet Flame energy into the wonderful diamond of your heart. This special violet liquid can be at your service with enhancing the Divine Feminine in your very life. And that enhancement can bring the long awaited Balance into your reality.  Please ask our help in your meditation and we show you how can you manifest this precious balance in your life AGAIN.

How can all these help regarding our common mission, one may ask. You can manifest the same balance to the outside world what is manifested inside you. Please go to nature, find the closest water element and with the help of the Violet Flame‘s divine energy, with a personal prayer activate the Divine Feminine element of ALL the Waters around you. The water is the most perfect carrier of this wonderful, newly strengthening aspect. If you do it all around the planet, more and more waters will be able to contain again the Divine Feminine, and that can help a lot for Gaia to find her most desired BALANCE again. Be our partner in this mission.

We are One and we are here to manifest Wonders together.

Kyra NaMu
on behalf of the Great Diamond Sisterhood

Kyra NaMu – through Kata

June 18, 2008, Mount Shasta

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