Lemurian Letter: The Golden Disc of MU and its connection to the Unity Consciousness Crystalline Grid

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As we get closer to the completion of this very intense year there is one more special date to write about. It is the 11th of November, today.

Exactly one year ago I was in the heart of Lake Titicaca with a very special group of forty dedicated people. We had just left Tiwanaku where we greeted the Gate of the Sun, Puma Punku and Kantatalita. We were ready to enter soon to the sacred vibrations of Ollantaytambo and Machiu Picchu, but before that we had our ceremony on Lake Titicaca. We were in the heart of the Lake on this day, between the Islands of the Sun and the Moon, having our Divine Balance, Disc Reactivation Ceremony. Even writing about it is bringing back the pure love vibrations of the lake, the land, the Sun & Moon, and all our beloved ancestors and guardians from there…

There is a very unique time window this year between the 11th of November and the 12th of December. It is like the final phase in our preparation process. The returning vibration of the Golden Disc into our hearts can and will be a great help in this preparation. No need for us to do anything, but only to greet every single day with joy, gratitude, peace and love. Taking a few deep breathes every morning and we can invoke the vivid vibration of the Golden Disc into our hearts.

After the planetary reactivations of the Disc of MU that happened a year ago, we can connect to it anytime we feel now. Do it every single day. Do your own reactivations as we did in the heart of Lake Titicaca. I feel to resend Adama’s message from a year ago. It has the same relevance today, to help you to reconnect to this most special divine device anytime you feel to. The Disc’s vibration in our hearts is our personal key to get full access very soon to the Crystalline Grid. This reconnection will be the final stage in our planetary Unity Consciousness Crystalline Grid reactivation process.

Greet the Disc in your heart and let yourself be guided by its ancient wisdom, light and love. We are all one in our hearts. That is what the ancient vibration of the Golden Disc of Mu symbolizes, and will assist all of us to realize in the fullest. Enjoy your own ancient mastery. Our heart knows everything.



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