Lemurian Letter: Threads of Time

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Lemurian Letter: Threads of Time

Dear Ones,

We are in the middle of this very precious year. So many changes are on the horizon while we are already in the middle of so many changes. We are experiencing “time” in its acceleration. But still from the center of our existence – “time”, as we were taught, does not even exist. There are many great lessons on our journey and perceiving time in a different way is only one of them. Adama’s words on the subject can be a great help for many of us.

The energies of July and August will even more hasten the process. There is no way to get off this ride, BUT we have all the time needed to breath, enjoy and integrate. This beautiful controversy is one of the signs of the approaching new paradigm in the upcoming months. Yes all is happening with such speed, but still it’s up to us when we feel to choose to just slow down, breath and enjoy.

Observation is a must. This is the only way to keep our long awaited balance. Otherwise the turbulent happenings will take us far from our center. But don’t forget we are permanent dwellers of our center in our hearts, no matter what happens. With silence and simplicity we can keep our balance always, can’t we?

June has completed the first circle of this unique year. The Solstice has had, and is still having a great impact on our lives. If you want to know more about its importance, take a deep breath and return to the Summer Solstice in your next meditation. Keep returning to this date and a special pattern will form. You will get your own personal message related to it – if you have not gotten it already. Yes it is the past I know, just take a closer look; it is still here in the Now…

With all these beautiful and very intense energies around I am so happy to finally announce the details of our very special Winter Solstice journey to Egypt.

The culmination of this unique year will be presented in the days between 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. If we talk about the one of a kind vibration of the Summer Solstice, and all this year’s astronomical alignments; just imagine that it will be multiplied by the end of the year.

There will be a very special gathering in Chitzen Itza, Mexico on the Winters Solstice with the Mayan elders, and there will be another very special ceremony in the heart of the Great Pyramid on the same day. Both are related to the newly formed Crystalline Grid and both are related to the Birth of the New Humanity. There will be of course many other beautiful events worldwide. Your heart will navigate you to where you need to be on this very special date. If your heart starts to get the signal to be in Egypt with me on a Crystalline Grid Completion ceremony, you are most welcome to do so. And there will be those who will be living bridges between the two events to connect these two sacred events into one.

It is a few months away but it is happening already. Here is the program. We will start the whole journey in the heart of the Great Pyramid and we will return there on the precious dawn of the Winter Solstice. The ten days before the Solstice we will complete the temple activations along the Nile. The time window of 12/12/12 to 12/21/12 will bring all its power and universal contribution. It will help to anchor, temple by temple, the new vibration for the New Earth. The Crystalline Grid’s most ancient layers will be completed with it.

Due to the sacred places we will be allowed to enter, the size of the group is limited. If you feel the call in your heart to join us please contact my dear friends Marcella in Spanish or Rita in English at our email address: lemurianawakeninginfo@gmail.com

For additional detail about this journey click here.

We are in the middle of this beautiful year. It is up to our readiness whether we face it with challenges, or greet all its great gifts and lessons with ease and grace. A smooth transition is still our guiding compass while we enjoy the ride. The greatest ride humanity has ever experienced.

With all the love of the Solstices,

Read message from Adama: The Threads of Time and the Eternal Solstice Code

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