Adama: Calling of the Ancients

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Calling of the Ancients

Greetings to the Masters,

It is always a privilege to share with you our Light, Wisdom and Love that once was represented on the surface by our physical existence, and now has the same intensity toward you from the higher realms.

As you can feel it so precisely in your personal stage of living, you are getting closer to our divine dimensions with every day now, so the time has arrived for an update regarding the Lemurian vibration all around our beloved planet.

The intensity of this vibration will double as the time frame will shrink. There are those on the surface who can be counted on in the planetary mission to make it visible. Many of you will and are ready for their own personal assignment with it.

The mission in this holly design is to awaken and present the essence of Lemurian existence. Lemurian in the sense of representing or rather first reawaken and balance the Divine Feminine in your way of soon peaceful and harmonious living.

Our wonderful civilization was the latest, taking care of this truly divine element on its well deserved ancient perfection. There are a list of reasons why all these had to fade away for a certain period of time. Now this time is OVER. As you are getting closer to your divine mission as humanity, it is high time to deal with it, and let in all the wisdom what this wonderful element, the Sacred Divine Feminine can cause inside and outside you for the greatest good of mankind.

Lemuria was not a childish empire. Lemuria was a vast land of unconditional love and intuitive wisdom. History can repeat itself in a very positive sense, if you are ready to approach it from a higher, ever raising perspective. This is the case with the Lemurian energies’ welcoming on the surface right now. You as humanity are very much ready for it. There are many of you, whose cells are ready for this activation. Your DNA holds the dormant layers of all those long forgotten memories and their most divine manifestation in reality.

Time has come to activate all the wisdom that once belonged to you. Of course with the universal expectations
to do it with a higher, more evolved personal AND planetary readiness. You are not a blind participants of a galactic reality show. You are the only ones who are responsible for your own future. We are here to supply all the tools to make your ride a success. When I am talking about success you know so well what I mean. Success as fully awakened, bright hearted being’s smooth transition into their higher dimensional reality, with full responsibility toward each-other, their planet, all the other kingdoms and the Universe. Time to take back your responsibility as galactic citizens. Time to take back all of your ancient wisdom. No way further without it. Only the ancients’ wisdom can lead you through.

The explanation is so simple again. Your hearts ARE full with this ancient wisdom. Open it, let this precious treasure called human heart guide you through. Lemuria and Atlantis with all their lessons and consequences are here in their timeless existence to help. I am Adama High Priest of the Lemurian’s who survived all the devastation’s and now we are here in the fifth dimension to be at your service. With all of our ancient wisdom we knew that these time will come. We made the transition many thousands of years earlier than you, but believe me, time is not a factor in a sense how you used to it. We are here to share with you many, we are here to make you ready for your new reality.

The Lemurian energy is more alive than ever, the crystalline grid is almost ready. This extremely important period of time is a unique experience for all of us, for you, to get closer to all what is long forgotten and need to bring alive again, and for us to see our younger selves in you. We are one. We are here. Let us show you the way, step by step, heart to heart.

There will be those wonderful souls who will feel the calling by reading these words, or simply by sensing this energy, which by the way – thank for the ever growing group of that hearts which can fully accept and integrate their Lemurian memory signals- will double month by month. I can see with our highly advanced technical equipment, our heart sensitive computer system how vast this awakening wave is. We can access a fully detailed DNA layer activation update. We hold the full database of the current DNA activation processes. We can monitor every effort, we can greet every development. There is no question about how the intensity of this process doubles triples itself on a monthly basis now. We are indeed marching toward our most precious goal. You are indeed ready to perceive more details of this very vast and magnificent universal event. Your physical eyes are open. Your heart oriented higher dimensional sight is awakening. I am dealing with this particular part of the achievements because it will lead you to a long awaited part of this wonderful journey. Your continuous frequency level adjustment, with the New Earth manifested light quotients will help you to perceive as I told you your new reality.

This reality will be personal on many levels, however some major elements will be the same for everybody. Your ability to see with you inner sight will bring new elements into this reality. What I am trying to say is that very soon you will be able to see the higher dimensional reality around you , as well as hear more, feel more, perceive more. This is now an intensive adjusting period. I am telling you now what will be at the end of it, or rather who will be there. We will be there. Your higher dimensional light family will greet you there. That will be a precious moment when we can and will be visible for you the very first time. Yes there is much excitement on the surface about the appearance of Galactic Federation’s ships on your day/night sky visibly for the public in a historical moment at a certain date.

Well it can happen. This date is a carefully planned and observed estimate, regarding all the integration process what you are in the final phase now. If the adjusting process follows the same speed, that particular period of time can bring you the long awaited sight of the physical vessels . A slightly later date can bring the same success on a more personalized level. All the upcoming activities regardless of their highly advanced or seemingly pure natural manifestations are part of the divine plan, as all the elements were before. However the intensity of all these has changed exactly the same way as the readiness has changed on your side. We are entering a new phase in our common mission. You will be closer to us, not because the distance on the physical will shrink between the dimensions, but because your wonderfully calibrated senses will be more advanced.
This process is happening now. It can be unpleasant, or extremely intense for some. Be patient. The well deserved result is right around the corner. Be ready to see through you heart, a planetary test is on its way.

Take it with peace, live it with harmony.

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