KyraNamu: The Heartbeat of Divine Oneness

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The Heartbeat of Divine Oneness

Greetings to you all, this is Kyra NaMu.

I’m here again on behalf of The Great Diamond Sisterhood to talk to you about the most recent full moon energy.

If you feel that the energy of this particular period of time is bringing up a quite serious amount of inside AND outside obstacles to deal with, well you are perfectly right. Try to imagine that all these are the necessary elements of a major ‘house cleaning’. All what needs to be cleared just come up front to deal with. And you can rely fully on the healing energy of the May full moon to do it on the most proper way.

It is always said that the full moon is the most intense period ‘soul wise‘ for a month, plus these are the most intense period of time in the linear for this special year. When you will be able to look back from the end of this year, you will see how the healing/ clearing process of these months helped a lot, both on the personal and on the planetary to make the necessary steps to be able to invoke something truly unique and extraordinary.

As I told you earlier, on behalf of The Great Diamond Sisterhood under Mt Shasta, we are here to guide you with or love , wisdom and experiences through these magical phase of enfoldments. We can represent to you all the wonderful divine flames to help, we can bring all the healing and transformational energy what need to be involved. Dearest on the surface, please feel free to invoke that particular flame into your life what you most desire to deal with. The wonderful healing power of the Emerald Green or the Wonderful Blue or the Magnificent Golden all are part of the same Rainbow gate to step through. It is the personal readiness what determines the requested ‘tools‘ and their most appropriate manifestations. However this period still belongs mainly to the Violet Flame‘s healing/ awakening power. The explanation is simple, that is the flame which is able to enhance the power of ALL the other ones, what you need to work with…

The reason to talk to you at this wonderful May full moon is twofold. Helping to you on the very personal emotional, physical, mental ‘house clearing‘ process is very important. Please invoke us anytime for our assistance when you feel yourselves ready to learn more about it. The  New Reality which belongs to your New World as much as to ours is right at the gate of your New perceptions. Use your ever improving new abilities to sense what we are talking about here. We are ready to share a lot regarding these new senses to use. Call upon our help in your meditations and we appear immediately with joy, happiness and wisdom to share all what we experienced a long time ago for your further assistance..

However as I mentioned I am here not only to offer our help but also to kindly ask yours.

I am here now to ask your wonderful help to participate with us on a planetary healing process. As our wonderful representatives of The Great Diamond Sisterhood on the surface, please be partner with us to invoke and nurture the wondrous Violet energy, to enhance its healing power for our beloved Earth.

There are more disasters on the horizon. It is not to threaten you, you are aware so well what all these events symbolize for you and mean for the planet. The ‘housekeeping’  takes different sizes on planetary levels, however it has the very same purpose and importance as it has on the  personal.
Help the Earth to get through this intense cleansing period. Lets shred a wonderful Violet web all around it. Use your very vivid creative force  and send your love through the waves of the Violet flame. Lets cover our wonderful planet into a wondrous, healing, empowering Violet ‘blanket‘, lets nurture it with our love, lets help Her to heal. This is the First Phase. When you see this wonderful soft ‘shield‘ around her, please be our partner to send the healing Violet flame energy to all those places which are in the biggest devastation and trouble. Send the Legions of this wondrous transformative healing loving energy to Burma, to China. Send you gratitude, compassion and love for those who assisted with their sufferings and deaths in this Grand Divine Plan to unfold.

Be compassion and love the main elements of your heartfelt Violet ‘energy packages‘ to send there . All is one. You are one with us, as much as we are together in Oneness with everything and everyone on the planet and beyond. Feel this Oneness, lets feel the New heartbeat of  our wonderful planet, together. Lets make our heart to have the same rhythm. Be one with us, lets together be one with Gaia, our common New Earth.

I am glad to announce that the universal help is fully on our side now. This wonderful full moon energy of May can and will lead us to a special energy formation. We can attain ANYTHING we wish there. Please keep the divine love in your heart. You are here to witness and create magic now. The proper use of the divine universal help is the key for entering into our New life in our common New Reality. Lets help Her to manifest it, lets feel her new heartbeat. Feel it now, live it now, it is fully ours.

The heartbeat of Divine Oneness has fully arrived.

We are at your service in this.

Always in love

May 16, 2008, Cannes

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