KyraNamu: Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine 2

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Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine 2

My Dearests,

On behalf of The Great Diamond Sisterhood, KyranNamu is here to greet you on the special occasion of this wonderful February Full Moon.

Greeting to you all from the deepest part of our heart centered way of living.
We are here to show you how easy it is to reach that type of reality soon for your own.

The universal help can be at your assistance any time. The only question whether YOU are ready to experience this new reality in and around. Step closer to us, ask your Higher Self to help to make this historical step for you NOW.

The Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine has opened its gate to show you many of the wonders that had to be moved away from the surface, meaning from your consciousness long long time ago. The gates are open because the time has arrived for all these personal and collective sacred elements to return to the surface again.

All the divine help is ready to be at your side. However to be a conscious partner in this re-creation or rather reactivation process you need to open your heart fully for your own dormant wisdom, your own dormant divinity. If you feel to be in assistance of the planetary happenings we kindly remind you to be first your own Higher Self’s partner in your own personal reawakening process.

We can be at your help in this method. We are here to be with you if you feel the invitation to visit this Sacred Center.

The Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine has a twofold special location with all the divine wisdom of the ancients . Through your mediations if you feel to visit us you actually visit your own divinity , we just help to open the gate for all your personal greatness. We reside in the higher dimensions in the subterranean city, Telos, under Mt Shasta, however in the very same time we always reside in the center of your own heart.

Open yourself for the Divine Feminine wisdom inside. This activation in your cells lead you back to the long awaited Divine Balance.
This balance is the ticket to be in active assistance of the higher dimensional planetary happenings.

Major reactivations are in their way both on your personal and in its planetary manifestations. The rhythm of the new reality is in your heart already. Do not seek the wisdom restlessly. Try to feel its peace and harmony. Never loose the sight of the whole picture. And never loose the feeling of the rhythm of your own divinity in your heart. Finding peace is not an empty phrase and especially not a easy walk. Finding piece is a dedicated work of your self. Living in love, respect and light with each-other’s conscious presents. This is the biggest achievement one can ask under these seemingly difficult outside circumstances.

Finding peace is finding your deepest balance within. Realize the ancient wisdom that no one and nothing can arm, distract or do anything against your will and your respected, ever growing divine power. You are divine so you are able to act according to this long forgotten wisdom. Everything in the outside world will obey this personal clarity. No one can enter into this personal peace of yours without your conscious approval. You decide what to let in, what to step away from. You are the director of your own reality. You are the master of your own world. Living from your heart is the key. The reawakened Divine Feminine in your heart will show you the way back to this ancient wisdom. Regaining this simple technique will open the gate to a completely new type of reality. The is the beginning of our common future, that is your ticket to the higher dimensions.

The Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine is open to help you to gain personal wisdom and supply assistance in the matter.
This center is one of the sources of the ancient teachings which represent the sacred wisdom of the Divine Feminine from the beginning of time. If you intend to visit us just ask our help to be your guide.There are those who arrive here in their etheric body to relax and gain back their divine balance from the sacred flames which resides in the center. Be there and breathing in the power and light of the sacred flames’ feminine aspects can bring clarity and power into your own personal earthy happenings.

If you wish to gain more of our ancient wisdom, there is a vast library which contains all the information of the ancients and their sacred teachings of the subject. When I say library please do not imagine endless bookshelves or long forgotten scrolls to be placed here. Imagine something else. Imagine a huge crystalline structure with small cabin like devices for comfortable seating in. Your personal guide can show it to you. Your intention and your guide help to get precisely that information in holographic formation that you here for. You can download anything from the beginning of time what can enhance your personal growing or just simply help you to understand more about your precious role in the divine master-plan of Oneness.

There is an other section that I am here to talk about without sharing too many details. There is a special healing part, again with all the wisdom of the ancients to help your body and soul to be prepared. Special healing techniques and methods can be found here. Too much information can block your imagination. I strongly invite you to see, feel, experience all that can be found here in a self guided meditation. If your intention is expressed clearly, our dedicated guides can be there to take your hand and show you every details what you wish to see or ‚read’.

The Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine is a place to help you to gain back your long forgotten mastery. You are invited to join us anytime to feel yourself its sacred vibration. After such a long period of time in silence we are here to be at your help on an intense and – according to the universal help through the light quotient reaching your planet on a daily basis now, – highly effective way.

Being your service is a privilege for us.

With our eternal love and light

KyraNamu and the Great Diamond Sisterhood.Sacred Center of the Divine Feminine 2

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