Adama: The Silence of Grief is The Silence of Joy

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Dear Ones,
As some of you already know Aurelia Louise Jones, the author of the Telos books pased away a month ago. If you are familiar with these books you can see how important is the work she has done. Her work has just opened the gate as Adama says below. Read it with your heart,




Greetings to you all,

On this special occasion I am here to address a few words to your hearts. I am here to help you to say goodbye to a precious soul who chose to be closer to the dimension and reality she always longed for.

After an important and special period of earthly assignments a dear soul of our human family decided to return to this dimension of ours. Saying goodbye from your side to someone is like a greetings from ours. Your hearts are so close to discovering the real beauty of the transition of the dimensions and realities. You will be amazed to see the ease of such an act of saying goodbye to your recent density.

My beloveds, the occasion is indeed beautiful. There was a brave soul in human form who dedicated her entire life to bring awareness of our enlighted dimension and reality to you. There was a brave and dedicated soul who worked with her whole heart to bring the Lemurian consciousness closer to your hearts. She started this mission in a great density, with a lot of obstacles and difficulties. Still in her entire life she felt the call of her Lemurian Family. This Lemurian Family is now the home of her precious heart.

You are here to say goodbye to Aurelia but this goodbye is better a welcome, to join and to celebrate her wisdom and light that served our mission with such a dedication on your Earthly dimension.

The light of Lemuria and the Light of the teachings of the Ancients are here. All the wisdom of our civilization is becoming available, thanks partly to the work and the awareness she represented among the open hearted ones. She is seemingly not in your earthy dimension anymore. However all the wisdom and light that she was able to bring through will remain and will grow. She was a brave and wonderful Gate opener. Now the Gate of wisdom and love is open, the mission that Aurelia dedicated her life to continue to manifest. Her presence will remain in the teachings she helped to come through while her divine presence will reside where she belonged from the beginning of her earthly existence.

The silence of grief is the silence of joy. Let the love of the Lemurians be in your hearts. Her earthly mission is completed with wisdom and grace, and a new chapter for her has just begun.


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