Adama: New Beginning-The New Relationship

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Greetings my beloved masters,

What a year behind us in linear time. I know how much it meant, taught for every one of you. However just for a second try to imagine all what happened, from our point a view. I know how many things is still far from being solved on many levels. But just imagine for a second what we can see from this side of the veil. Beautiful awakening hearts and lights all around the planet. The opening of the hearts, the wonderful illuminating signs of the readiness is not the privilege for few anymore, it is finally for Many and more and more with every moment. The diamond light of the awakened hearts looks like a web, a shining grid , what one can see from far, if approaches this planet from our vast Universe.

Thank you for your readiness. Thank you for the wisdom of your hearts, and your wonderful Self who show you the way coming back home. What you achieved with this year will be doubled tripled in the next one. Not because the development until now was not fast enough, just because the ever growing light of the Universe will help more and more. Be ready my beloveds for many to unfold. Stay focused as I asked earlier, keep your balance and see with harmony and light what will be brought into your path to help you arrive back home and let you help for others to do the same.

The new beginning what the next year brings you, would not happen without the divine basics what you achieved in your life until now. That is the base what you can build on all the upcoming manifestations of the universal divine order. The new beginning means many. It means a New way of living, because the consciousness is new, different, advanced. Time to realize step by step that the 5th dimension is Not a foreign territory anymore. It can and will be part of your life from now on. You will manifest it with your clear intention, and with the ability of the unconditional love of your heart toward everything and everyone.

As you start to manifest the 5th dimension in your life, all your personal questions will be answered but from a very unusual point of you. Unusual from your 3D perspective. You will be re-introduced on a highly conscious level to your Higher Self. I know many of you are already beyond this reintroduction. But bare in mind that many of the now awakened Wayshowers are still ahead of this process. And the intensity of this ‘New Relationship’ will be much more intense for everyone.

This Divine Self of yours can be part of your reality on a more intense way. When you will be ready for a dialogue anytime in your seemingly linear life with him/her, you will understand the Link between you as a 3D soul and you as a 5D or higher dimensional divine being. And that will be the time for the real Celebration. You can have all the answers, all the wisdom anytime, anywhere, anyhow from that moment. This New Relationship will teach you many, will show you many, will help you understand ALL. The New Beginning in our terms means a new beginning in this New Relationship with your Higher Self.

If I see around from this side of the veil I can tell you how many wonderful 5D beings are waiting patiently to be able to get in touch with their 3D soul parts. Be ready for this wondrous reconnections. These personal events will open the gate for the two civilizations to be in ONE again. So my beloveds just imagine from our point of you, how we wait all what will be manifested for US TOGETHER in this wondrous year of 2008.

Be ready my dears, open your hearts for your Divine Self, let him/her be your partner in your journey home. The time to be (re)introduced to your true identity has arrived.

All the Love, Wisdom and Help is yours from our side for the magnificent year of 2008 and beyond.

January 1, 2008

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