Adama: The Power of your Smile

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Adama: The Power of your Smile

Greetings to the Masters,

You have entered to the final phase of this historical year. Take a moment to look back. Realize how these great achievements were born out of the seemingly chaotic reality you experienced just recently. Does it seem challenging? Did you need all your effort to get out of its turbulence? Just take a deep breath. And open your heart to the clarity which brings all the explanations for these not so ordinary experiences.

Planetary happenings are reflected back into your own personal stage of reality. It takes a huge amount of self-centered balance and conscious attitude to be able to see through its smoggy uncertainty.There are tools to help you in your efforts to understand. First allow yourself to remain in the center of your own life. Whatever challenges arise to test your readiness, just greet them with all your love, gratitude and acceptance. A peaceful attitude is a must for you to be able to invoke your eternal wisdom. This wisdom brings all the explanations for you to see the big picture on the canvas of your earthly experiences. This wisdom connects you back to your ‘multidimensional self’, and to your divine task, in this very embodiment, and in this very moment of planetary history.

There are those beautiful souls who can stay tuned to this level of consciousness constantly.  In every single earthly minute of their lives they can keep this ‘multidimensional self’ approach. If you are reading this letter, then you have this very same attribute buried deep in your DNA. It is ready to be awakened NOW.

This simple act of perceiving reality from a different standpoint is the key to the broader understanding you have been waiting for.

All that happens in your life has a great significance regarding your Soul’s mission. The more peacefully you can greet any tiny happenings in your life – including challenges and obstacles, and yes also gifts and joyful magical happenings, the more clarity you will have – including being able to read and translate their meaning instantly.

It’s a code deciphering ‘translation’ process you need to learn, or should I say, remember. Your DNA has everything, including this long forgotten ability to ‘translate’. To be able to read the meanings of the happenings in your life, and the divine wisdom sent along with them.

Take back your well-deserved divine dictionary. Activate your ability to translate all that has recently happened to you. Reality reflects all these happenings back to you.

This skill of translating will bring back another long forgotten attribute. Not just the ability to translate aka ‘comprehend’, but also to influence aka ‘co-create this realty’. Be the master of your reality. This is a lesson you need to learn before you can step further on this exciting dimensional journey of yours.

All of these attributes were part of humanity’s operating system once, and were closed off a long time ago. The reasons of this are beyond the scope of this letter now. But, if you become advanced in your newly gained attributes – you will also get clarity on those long ago happenings. Practice makes the master.

Practice is the secret tool of the masters.

Yes, you have your own beautiful divine abilities. But they have been dormant for such a long time. They need their own reawakening process. The key word here is practice. Anything can be part of your reality if you practice with diligent work. And by the way, the more practice you do, the more you help others. Have you heard about the ‘thousand monkey effect’? Everything you do has a great significance on your own personal journey. But it can greatly influence others in the collective adventure of humanity.

By the end of this interim year of 2013, all your senses will be adjusted, enhanced and prepared for the dimensional leap. Leap? No, rather lets call it flow. Because with your adjusted senses, you will be able to switch to the dimension that you prefer to see ‘reality’ from, with such ease. And thus freeing the whereabouts of your soul will open your gate to discover the depth of reality around you. The canvas of comprehension is waiting for you, its painter. This collective consciousness approach will define your 3d existence. Yes, it is the future happening in ours’, and soon to be in yours’ timeframe of the ‘eternal now’.

Enjoy this most unique experience you all are part of. And most importantly enjoy your beautiful connections to all of us, and to all of the fellow open-hearted human beings around you.

Tomorrow morning after you open your eyes, consciously open your heart to the world around you. Send a smile to EVERYONE you will meet during the day, even if for just a second. Feel as if soon the whole world will be smiling back at you.  And if not so soon, then know that one loving smile can affect EVERYTHING in the long run.

Dedicated practice of these smiles will bring its fruit into your own reality. Which is so deeply, and let’s say divinely, connected to every living being on Earth and beyond. Realize the real depth of this universal interconnectedness to all things, in its simplicity and beauty. When you realize this, it will reveal your true divine mission on this beloved planet.

Enjoy your collective smiles, and see that the whole universe will smile back at you.  You wish it’s that simple? Guess what, it is that simple. Just try it, and soon you will become addicted to the power of love as it shines through in every single smile of yours.

You want to change the worlds? Perfect, discover the power of your own smile.

It is time,

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