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I have been waiting for so many thousands of years to finally talk to you like this.

Such a honor to see how you are closer and closer to that point on the physical where we will be able to appear in front of you.

You can imagine our eagerness and joy to see this moment to come. I know so well that these are not easy times for you. So many is changing and all seems faster and faster. The 3D type of beingness has achieved its own limits. Yes my dears it is not easy. The adjustment for all your bodies takes energy, light and a lots of love.

Patience my dears. All what is ready to manifest both in your personal lives and on the planetary level, are far beyond your imagination.

The intensity of the process doubles every single day. You can not stop it, you can not hide from it, the only thing which measure fully your readiness is accepting the changes. The next step is to be active participant of the process. You are not victims of the planetary changes, you are the main participant of this.

Please accept your divine assignment and accept our help. We went through all these at the end of our surface existence. All the conditions were worse back than. We could not get the help what we are offering for you now. It was part of the consequences to prove that we are ready to survive and continue under completely different conditions. And we survived we could become the living symbol of ancient Lemuria, the Greatness, Wisdom and Love what was represented on the surface for millions of years. It is the past. But so profoundly it is the future. .

You are the ones who will help for us to embody on the surface again what Lemuria meant in ancient times. Beauty, ease, wisdom, light, joy and the divine presence on our own personal being. Even the words are full with music and grace when I am saying them. So the time soon will arrive to bring back all these wonders to the surface. All these has an other name for you, Ascension.

If you ready to step into the higher dimensions, all what Lemuria and other wonderful energies and star civilizations brought ever to the planet will be manifested again. The meaning of Ascension is getting back to our very core root. Of course on a higher point of the universal spiral, with all the learnt lessons and implanted wisdom what was requested to be learnt before it can happen. You have no idea my beautiful ones, how close you are to achieve this state of being.

All the universal power are at your service in this moment. All the wonderful light particles of the cosmos are here to help to enhance your frequency. WE are closer and closer at the very center of our wonderful Great Central sun. Every single one of you are a living cord which able to connect these very intense light energy to the very core of the planet, to the Great Central Crystal Sun. When you are able to circulate these two energies in your heart center at the same time, that is the magical moment of your Higher Self to connect you and let you see, feel, understand and live what the ascended master has done from the dawn of human history.

I know these are challenging times. Many great adventures ahead of you. But all the effort will be worth. Keep in your heart the message of your Higher Self. You will get the biggest help and devotion from him/her. You are one. The existence in the higher dimension is so much different. All will be revealed regarding it just in the right time. Your only concern should be to open your heart wide open for the ever increasing light which will arrive and arriving from the Central Suns and help this wondrous light to be implemented in your body and the body of our beloved Gaia. The wondrous feminine energies from the beginning of time served the same divine concept. Connect our wonderful planet to the universal source of divine life. It is the way to experience the oneness with the Creator of Life. You are so ready for this divine task my Beloveds.

It is a honor to see around the surface and see the wonderful bright light of the awakening new personal realizations all around the planet. The Lemurian energy is awakening everywhere. More than ever since the physical disappearance.

We know your name. We know your divine task. We are with you always.

With honor to see this wonderful reconnection NOW
RanaMu, Mother Queen – With All Her Love

March 2008

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