Adama: Our New Earth – Your New Reality 2/1

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Our New Earth – Your New Reality 2/1Greetings to the Masters in your hearts,

What a pleasure to look around this time of this special year. I can see a lot of hearts newly awakened to their own sacred mission, bringing closer the Higher Dimensions in their way of present existence.I am here to greet all the efforts, I am here to cherish all the intents. We are from the Higher Dimensions at your service, if the readiness is fully set regarding these wishes in your own hearts.

Experiencing our dimensions is indeed the gate to be walked through toward our common New Earth. That is the place in a newly set unlinearity where we can live our common future next to each other on a more conscious level than the one you are able to comprehend right now.

Lemuria is a vibratory reminder. This pulsing signal will help you to bring to the surface those long dormant DNA memories which can fully assist your journey toward your New Earth.

There will be those who still hold strong hesitation or rather opposition regarding any changes or developments. Even though they will not be the ones to read these words here I strongly feel to send my love-filled words to their hearts. Dearests, you should know that any resistance has a deeper reason in your current mindset. If you are ready in your heart to regain your wisdom completely at the very same time you should be ready to leave behind parts of it. Duality you will leave behind. Many other obstacles are in the way that you will leave behind. If you feel to stay in a stagnation, that could be a non-improving state of beingness which can serve your integration process for a while. However, if you are stuck in a non-moving period for too long, especially under this kind of universal conditions, you will set your own obstacles against your own path for getting closer to your own long awaited Divinity. In a very complex way your reality matrix will face you with the different forms of the necessary steps to make. Isn’t it better to feel and follow the urge in your own heart than to see the manifested obstacles in the outside world showing the very same directions?

One of the most important and the very first requirement to be able to step further is to step back from your ego driven personal approach. To give the steering wheel back to your Higher Self. They will know so well where to start and which way to follow; what necessary changes to create and which turns to make. Surrender, as we were talking about it earlier, is one of the basic elements to fully let in into your newly set “interdimensional- ready” mindfield. There are certain steps to take to get closer to your sacred new home called the New Earth. The pure intention in your heart is a must. And that is what I see in so many hearts, growing exponentially on a daily basis now.

Time has arrived to bring a greater piece of this interdimensional New Reality into your own light. Your consciousness can be developed with focused intention and a fully open-hearted way of perceiving reality.

Being focused will open the gate toward us. This focus however should derive from your heart, not from your mind. The difference is transparent. Being focused through you heart comes through harmony and mental-emotional balance. This state of being is a must (duty, commitment) (to not repit it) for further experiences.
Before I share with you how we can step further I kindly suggest to deal with these expressions in your heart. Feel the focus, feel the intention and how they can come through, bringing into light a new way of approaching reality. The new approach is another element we will deal with in my next message. New approach is a new way of using your current senses. Be focused through your heart. Feel your new center, leave your mindfield behind, bring your intention into your heart. Feel the Balance and the Harmony and how they can come through. Feel the Love that your heart can emanate. Stay focused in your heart. This is the beginning.

Dear masters of my heart. I am here now to share how close you are to your own long awaited Divinity. The potential for your Higher Selves to be connected to your hearts fully is already set. You better be completely  aware of this reconnection because that will be the basis of all your upcoming experiences. This Divine Self helps to show you the way to your New Reality. We are just a humble assistance of this planetary happening manifesting ourselves in so many hearts at the very same time.

On the planetary level all your divine potentials are fully set, all the universal help is right on your side now. It is time to gain back your eternal birth right to experience your interdimensionality in your heart and in your New Earth. Both are the same.

I leave you now to contemplate.

At your service always

April 2009,
Mt Shasta

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