Adama: Prayer for the Crystalline Grid

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New Crystalline Reality

Greetings to everyone who feels the changes in her/his heart and in her/his life. Yes indeed these are very important days regarding your ever unfolding mission to Ascension. I know how the last few weeks and the next ones brought and are bringing serious revelations into your lives. That is not a surprise, these are the final times to realize the necessity of leaving behind all what is related to the old paradigm. To realize it and to behave accordingly are two different things. However listening to your hearts is getting easier, and you know the way now so well.

Dearest maters, I know that this period is bringing all the difficulties, what you should face before a major change (shift) in reality. But in the same time it brings real higher dimensional beauty as well. This process will be more profound during the upcoming days. Time of cleansing, time of letting things go, before the Gate is opening. Clear your hearts my masters. I know that all the latest messages dealt with the readiness of your hearts. Ask your Divine Self now, whether you are ready with this clearing, with this heart opening. The upcoming days can bring you profound manifestations of the higher dimensional life and your true assignments regarding it. Your guide from our reality will be there all the way. To assist, to care, to help, to love. If everything goes according to the divine plan, after these intense days you will be much MUCH closer to us, much MUCH closer to your Divine Self.

I have something to share. A small ‘tool’ to ease the tension of the intensity of all what is coming, with the divine intention to help not only for you, but for the entire planet. You are ready to do it. So time to act.

9th of September is the opening of the gate for the special days, ended up with the quantum leap 9 day later. Start it with a day long mediation. On this very special day, on the 9th of the 9th month in a 9 year, start your day at 9 am with a prayer/mediation. Invite your Divine Self to help you to open your heart as wide as possible. Through your activated crystalline chacra receive the light and love of ALL, and through your beautiful very bright Diamond Heart send ALL this love and light to the crystalline grid around and in our beautiful planet. Send all your love and light to the grid on the entire DAY of COMPLETION, at least consciously for few minutes at the beginning of every single hour. If the group strong enough in its will, it can happen from 9 am every hour in the SAME time all around the globe

Your light will find the way to everywhere and to every one. It will help to raise the vibration of the entire planet and in the same time will go back and manifest an enormous energy shift in your hearts. That will open the gate of the higher dimensions on a very personal level. And with the sent /collected light the ‘walking-through’ process will be handled with a huge amount of ease, grace, compassion, love and gratitude. Yes my beloved masters, the time is here now to act indeed as a master.

Your heart’s readiness will be appreciated in all levels.
Your newly arrived divine harmony and balance will show the way for others.

We are with you to help, as always.



September 6, 2007

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