Adama: Look into my Eyes

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Look into my Eyes

Greeting to the Masters,

This is Adama here. I  am talking straight to your hearts with the biggest love can be felt. The time is finally here for a discussion like this.

Wonders after wonders that show you the way back to your Divine Core. Do not be surprised if reality start to unfold on a different way these days. Since you are ready to see a greater picture, all what is happening DEMAND  your full presence in the now, with the awareness of your  long forgotten commitment to it. Every second is representing something important on this journey, so take every bit of it accordingly.

The intensity of the happenings are in rapid change, not because it was slow lately, but the speed is getting enormous even from this side to see.

More changes on the horizon. Be aware of them in your hearts. The signal is pulsing, however it is not an aggressive red alert, rather a soft violet, just to remind you of the true facet of Reality. You have all the divine senses now to let manifest in your life all that is needed,  before and during these major upheaval times. You are getting closer to the very core of the Universe on its spiraling movement, you are getting closer to the very core of your divine being. My beloveds the time is here to regain all your precious tools and place them in your hearts again. Time to connect to your most divine aspects from different lifetimes to be with you in the now. All your wonderful experiences, your very core memories of being ONE with the flow is right in front of you. Open your heart for all the divine wisdom of your  own eternity, open your heart for the deepest balance you ever experienced. You have to be beyond your karma, finally all the essence of those lessons should be in your very vein to help you see through. No more karma based challenges, no more lessons should await you. It is high time to use all what you have learnt so diligently till now.

You are at the gate to have a long forgotten impression of a different type of existence. Of course all that I am sharing with you are for those who are ready to invite the power of these words into their cells energetically. Reading the words one thing, let their invisible but strong pulsation sink slowly in your veins is an other. All of what will manifest very soon on the physical are just the necessary unfoldments of those major changes what will lead you back to your living in your own hearts.

Take all the up-coming personal and planetary events from a heart oriented, fearless point of you. Let me look into your eyes. I am standing right in-front of you. Look at me. Your divine sight finally allows for you this experience. I am standing in-front of all who feel the words in their hearts. I am looking into your eyes. Your souls are looking back to me. Feel our connection. Feel my presence. I am here to tell you that All that is going to manifest on the planet is well planned and will lead you to a higher form of existence. We will be here to assist in each and every second you call upon us. Look into my eyes. Feel the love, anytime uncertainty stars to appears in you. LOOK INTO MY  EYES. We are here with you in every second. All is in its most perfect unfoldments. Life is amazing with its readiness to amaze you in every second. Let it happen… Your heart knows it, let it be your guide.

K: Adama do you really think that it is time for a message like that? Will not it create fear?

A: It will not. On a cellular level the timing is perfect. All that is here to happen is right HERE. These energetically calibrated words make a shield around the hearts, make them ready both on a conscious and unconscious  way to face any happenings with the wildest field of Light, Love and Wisdom. Time to look ahead in the future and act accordingly in the now, always from the center of the heart, where we resides in the greatest Oneness with you. No reason to be in fear with the greatest family of light in the backround. We are with you ALWAYS.


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