Adama: Diamond Heart

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Adama: Diamond Heart

‘Dearest Masters of my heart, this is Adama speaking to you again.

It is a real pleasure to counting your linear time’s days with you. We know how keen you are with all your preparations to be here in your highest mental and spiritual manifestations. You are more receivable for any miracles to happen until our gathering, during our gathering and later on.

All paths are different, there is no need for any special advices right now. Let your intuition lead you and lead your senses to the mountain.

Everybody will encounter something very personal here, be prepared for this, but not with any expectations. No. With the opposite, with total surrender. Open your senses and open your hearts, that is the only process you need to prepare with. Be clean emotionally, mentally, leave your fears, expectations, questions behind. Just let happen what will happen. Your heart will show the way to the gate to the 5th dimension.

And now a gift from us. We give you a beautiful Golden Yellow Etheric Diamond for helping your heart to shine as bright as possible. Place it into your heart chacra. Live all your days with this diamond in your heart. Feel the brightness, heat and lightness of it every conscious moments of yours. We are truly getting closer. The 5th dimension and all the habitants of Telos will sense the lightness of your Diamond Heart. Live with it. Feel with it. Receive our love with it. And start to count the miracles in your life with it.

We are with you on your beautiful journey now and ever. Be with us in your highest consciousness. We will be with you here no doubt about it.

On behalf of your Lemurian friends and family,
Adama, high priest of Telos’

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