Jupiter – Pluto Conjunction. Turbulent times for the amazing souls you all are

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My most beloved fellow Lemurian family,

After a long, long silence, it is time to re-awaken Lemurian Awakening. It is time to connect our beloved Lemurians on a deeper, more personal, and more loving level (if it can be even more loving).

I knew 2020 would be an ‘intense’ yet ‘balanced’ year. But I never thought that the intensity of the events of these turbulent times would reach the highest level that we have ever experienced in our current physical reality. So if the ‘intensity’ is at a peak, what about the ‘balanced’ part? Can we create something extraordinary out of the chaos together as humanity? Can we push the reset button and create peace and harmony for us, for our loved ones and the entire planet together? Is there a better time than NOW to invoke our most profound compassion and wisest attitude toward our current physical existence and mold it into our new reality together?

Why not start to see that these extremely intense, yet so precious times are a rare opportunity to look within? The ‘observer mode’ is the best tool and the greatest gift one can implement in these seemingly crazy energies. Fear is in the air for many. If you can do one thing to protect your own personal life, please do this: do not let fear, chaos, or anxiety enter your system. Instead, bring the vision of what you want to see, feel and experience into your most loving, peaceful reality.

Easy to say, but how do you do it? Well, always, and I mean always, try to see through the reality matrix of what you are seemingly right in the middle of. Greet all the elements of it with reverence for playing their role, and then let them go. Everything. No fear can be attached to any of your thoughts. Just see. Observe, do not judge. Try to look at every single event and feeling from a different angle. And then let them go. How do you find different angles? Well, if you are good with mindfulness, it is not challenging at all, but if not, try this: instead of seeing everything from your own physical center, zoom out and see your own physical self from an outside point away from you. Your amazing body, your own magical physical self, is not you. You know your body well, and it is your most significant partner in navigating through this 3D dimension. If you want to keep your awareness in a calm, balanced manner, then when you see yourself, even in the most chaotic situation, just kindly ask your body to breathe. Breath through the dense energy of anything you are seemingly right in the middle of.

Breath through yourself. Breath through any intense, harmful, or unbalanced feelings. When agitating thoughts, fearful emotions, or heavy images start to appear, just zoom out and see yourself from an outside point. Then zoom back in. Breath and visualize the most harmonious possible outcomes you can imagine. Sometimes just watching yourself operate from an external vantage point can help a lot. Sometimes extra work is needed later to let all the thoughts and feelings that are not serving you anymore go away…

According to my beloved Lemurians: “Turbulent times can gift us all with the greatest realizations. Turbulent times can bring in the greatest peace, strength, and love into our systems.” This can work on a personal level, but also on a planetary one. So how about connecting these individual levels aka human hearts by inviting into our heart peace, love, and harmony and connecting it to other hearts. This connection can help manifest the most amazing coherent frequency that could create compassion, wisdom, and gratitude together, not only for us but also for the entire planet?

This upcoming Jupiter Pluto conjunction is extremely important, if not the most important celestial gate to help manifest this. It is a gate where ‘our strong, pure, love-filled personal intentions’ can create collective healing & empowering Halo around our planet. And a NEW REALITY for all of us.

This Love filled Halo can assist us in the process of transforming the seemingly challenging present planetary scenario, into a scene of something way more loving, and way more harmonious.

Our ability to co-create our reality has been fundamental teaching for eons. Now is the time to bring this fundamental theory into action and form an everyday practice that can heal and nourish our souls. An everyday practice that can bring in our long-awaited ‘living in a harmonious, balanced new earth’, into our new physical reality.

This Halo magnifies intentions. This Halo will remain with us. It can also assist us in bringing back and invoking our ancient sovereign divine birthright to ‘remember’… Anytime from now on, as an everyday practice, whenever you feel like sending your loving empowering thoughts to the Halo, please do so. This Halo is the oldest and earliest form of the Lemurian Crystalline Grid. This Halo has returned, it is alive.

This rare astronomical event is the perfect background to set into motion ‘our strong, pure, love-filled personal intentions’ to create the future that we all dream of. We are strong. We are love. We can create the future we choose for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the entire planet. Please, please keep your balance and feel your precious heartbeat. Let’s co-create the magical reality that we all dream of, together.

With Love and only Love,


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