Lemurian Letter: Divine Oneness and the Harmonic Universe

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Lemurian Letter: Divine Oneness and the Harmonic Universe

December: Mediators of Two Words
As we get closer to the end of this year, all seems to be getting faster. We are in a faster mode of operation. It takes more willingness, and clear intention to slow this process down. When we find our own rhythm of changes, then we can invite ourselves into the circle of all that is happening.

Living in these challenging times has many hidden and beautiful gifts to discover. The smile in our heart helps us keep the peace we need to be able to observe ‘the whole’.This observation mode is like a slow motion replay of everything that we experience during our day. At first, this observation mode allows us to see the replay AFTER something happens. Practice and become well practiced in this observation mode. Then later on, you will be able to ‘IN the very moment’ see how the different levels of reality merge into oneness, right in front of your naked eyes. We are the mediators of the realities. The more grateful and conscious we are of our own reality, the more beauty we notice and receive from the higher realm.

We are in the peak of Holiday preparations with its milliard of errands. There are plenty of occasions when you will be in a crowded situation. Whenever you enter, just shine your smile through your heart to all others around you. You will immediately be amazed by the result.  Yes, this observation mode really requires our eyes to be able to see though our hearts. So if I may suggest one thing to practice for this precious December, I would choose paying attention to our ability to this, to ‘see through our hearts’.

Having a ‘clear understanding’, is what invites the most from the Fifth dimension into our 3D playground. Our heart’s readiness sets the stage for the higher vibrations. The merging of the two worlds is the most exciting thing one can imagine to discover. Yes indeed we are mediators of the two worlds. The more we learn about ourselves and our personal missions, the more we can do to help this peaceful merge. ‘Self discovery’ is still the simplest and most challenging task one can wish for her/himself.  This is our perfect Holiday gift.

Find some quality time to find your own answers. This holiday season will be a perfect occasion to have some peace and silence. Slowing yourself down on the physical level will give you extra time to learn this observation mode. When this practice becomes natural, then we will find ourselves in our long awaited New Earth reality. Let this Holiday Season become our Opening Celebration.  Our New Earth, and our long awaited new reality have arrived. The key to see it is always within.

“Being part of your reality from your breath – the breath of the eternal Master who you really are – that is called Ascension.” As Adama has said.

Peaceful Holidays and a Love, Gratitude and Compassion filled New Year to you all.

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